Scenario and claims that if the courts

Scenario Analysis In Washington D.

C. there are three citizens named Herman, Jed and Jane were accused of entering a bank and stealing over $65,000. Herman and Jed had weapons and used them in the robbery, no one was hurt though; Jane drove the getaway car. The three suspects were arrested after being pulled over for speeding to get out of the state. Two out of the three suspects matched what a witness described to them, the men denied being involved and Jane admitted to it.

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The cops found about $25,000 of the $65,000 but could not conclude if the money was taken from the bank. Jed was found guilty of a different crime at one time. The police and FBI took on the case. The lawyers for the suspect wanted a delay on the case for a few months.

The district attorney objects to it, insisting an overflowing docket, and claims that if the courts allow an extension, then the prosecuting attorney should delay in turning over the leftover findings. The suspects lawyer argued against claiming that their clients be entitled to a well-planned defense. The judge had so a lot to do and wanted to start the case right away. Judicial System The courts, like many government systems, contain ranks. Federal, state and local courts continue, each doing identical but and frequently parallel meaning(CivilRights.

org,2016). The difference is that federal courts examine cases connected to laws approved by the government, i.e., U.S. Congress discussed laws that are accepted by the state government and local laws. Although federal courts manage only issues that are connected to the United States constitution.

It is necessary to have separate systems because valid federal laws may displace state laws or reverse. An example of this is, in current years, weed has been legal in many states like Massachusetts. Weed however is believed to be an illegal drug by the government of the United States. Even though conflicts continue among federal and state laws, federal generally carried extra weight, and unsolvable conflicts among them usually were heard by the U.S. Supreme Court(,2016).

Police officers from the FBI and local divisions (The D.C. Police, the law Enforcement who pulled over the burglars for speeding) are involved in the investigation of the three suspects Herman, Jed and Jane, this is probably a problem on how they were criminally treated. Nevertheless, all banks that are robbed are federal cases.

Considering all the banks are protected by the United States government and are reviewed by the FBI even if criminals do not cross state lines or other jurisdictions in this case this is a concern of judgement, e.g. a few contributors were armed, and one wasn’t, one robber is a convicted criminal, considering the large efficiency of the commonly less-weighed down, improved-financed federal system (FindLaw,2017. Person,2016).

Regarding the venue with federal guidelines, this case will be tried in federal court in the jurisdiction of Columbia, where the crime happened ( Jumes,2016). This was in effect due to the crime being a one-time situation that happened in an obvious physical area instead of a continuous series of criminal occurrence involving individuals in many locations (a Ponzi Scheme or other Financial malfeasance being an example of the latter). Suggestions of a “fair trail” affects a possible bias brought in by choice of venue many not, therefore requested in this investigation, even though in a lot of federal crimes this is a necessary concern (Jumes,2016). The suspects face offenses from bank robbery and major felony charges in found guilty, all of them may be sentenced to 10 to 25 years (Federal Crimes Law,2016). The two men face sentences longer due to using guns and being that one other one is a convicted felon, he may get a longer sentence then the other two suspects. Without any doubt giving a description of sentencing guidelines are necessary to level the operation of the federal court system, as an excess caution in the area on the judges part in could slow the method down by giving the defense lawyer more reason to discuss and question a judges’ verdict for many reason. References Jumes, S.

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