Scaling in plaque scores, bleeding on probing, probing

Scaling and root debridement (SRD) are the gold standard in the treatment of chronic periodontitis. XXX Many studies have shown improvement in plaque scores, bleeding on probing, probing pocket depths and clinical attachment levels with SRD. (Badersten, Nilvéus, & Egelberg, 1981)XXXDental calculus and biofilm are difficult for complete removal as the probing pocket depths rise due to the lack of ability to reach the deep pockets and furcations (Rabbani.

Caffesse et al. 1986, Greenstein 2000)XXX .Some research reported up to 44% of residual calculus on root surfaces in pockets with probing depths of >6 mm (Heitz-Mayfield & Lang, 2013)XXX.

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Many early studies have shown that even though the root surfaces were smooth after SRD, there were substantial calculus stayed inside the periodontal pockets (Frumker & Gardner 1956, Jones et al. 1972, Jones & O’Leary 1978, Schaffer 1956, Walker ; Ash 1976)XXX Hence, local drug delivery into periodontal pocket have been introduced since almost thirty years ago to achieve a complete elimination of bacteria that cause periodontal disease.(Hanes ; Purvis, 2003)XXX Generally local drug delivery seem to be successful on the different types of local antimicrobial agent such as tetracycline, minocycline, metronidazole and chlorhexidine. (Bonito, Lux, ; Lohr, 2005) XXXLocal drug delivery has been proven to be effective as an adjunct. Many studies conducted using antimicrobials, but none using coconut oil.

Thus, this study will be done to evaluate the effectiveness of newly formulated coconut oil gel with aloe vera as a target drug delivery in the management of chronic periodontitis. This knowledge will provide basic information for the potential applications of these agent as an adjunctive to SRD.


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