“Satisfaction” desire, ambition on their area of interest

“Satisfaction” is simply a psychological matter that depends on a state of mind with the inquiry of pleasure or depression. There is nothing like north, south, east, west, top and bottom. These terms are only for our convenience that doesn’t carry any real sense. The only real thing is the inner and the outer world until you become self-actualized.

Our feelings, emotions, joy, happiness, depression, tranquility, sorrow, pain are the terms that determine the level of satisfaction of an individual. The term satisfaction has no boundaries or limits for an individual, it is his/her desire, ambition on their area of interest by which they get satisfaction. Typical answer for the satisfaction for the state of mind includes pleasantness and positive emotional condition in life. If you are high-achieving intellectual, only then you can think that only ignoramuses can be satisfied. In the psychological sense, happy and satisfied people can be pitied, not envied.

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There is a direct relation between expectations and happiness. If you have no expectations then you will never get hurt. But as a human being zero expectation is not possible. So, your expectations should be with yourself with positive thinking. In short, we must have “Realistic positive thinking” then only the path of happiness of satisfaction can be achieved.Life satisfaction is a mind boggling term that is here and there utilized reciprocally with the feeling of bliss, yet there is for sure two separate ideas. Satisfaction of life is characterized as one’s overall assessment of life rather than the sentiments and feelings, that are knowledgeable about the occasion.

Income and education are appeared to build life satisfaction, yet this is chiefly in light of the fact that they are so very esteemed on the planet we live in today. Assemble associations with friends and family, make achievable objectives for yourself, and place yourself in circumstances where you can practice your own qualities and capacities, it will enable you to encounter more noteworthy sentiments of satisfaction. On the off chance that you can do with these things, you can profit yourself and everyone around you.


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