Sanaa valid towards my research question and

Sanaa  Cooks Research Question What were certain women’s rights in the 19th century? Women’s Rights: People and PerspectivesMember login. (n.d.).

Retrieved January 26, 2018, from this source talks about is how  Stanton conceived  a necessarily dynamic relationship between thought and action in the struggle for women’s rights staton and her comrades formented a moral revoultion which was about securing gender equality and how it was as much about  altering perceptions ,beliefs , attitudes , and feelings staton was propelled into engaging in social critique and activism she talks about  how she was encouraged a recognition of the relationship between the private realm of home and family and larger systems of public power staton spoke to the importance of each generation renewing and sustaining a commitment to women’s rights into the future.Evaluation of Source and Explanation of Relevance: From reading this source it is valid towards my research question and I would use it in my research paper. This book explores the struggle for women’s rights engaged in by diverse groups of women throughout the course of the history of the United States. The writer of this story is a women herself but she doesn’t really talk about certain women rights that were in the 19th century she talks about what she has done and what she wants to do and is still doing.  She encourages the women to stand up for themselves and that they have as much as equal rights as everyone else i would use this because this passage gives a nice in take on a woman activist.

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Women’s RightsMember login. (n.d.

). Retrieved January 26, 2018, from https://www.questiaschool.

com/library/760412/women-s-rightsSummary;This source talks about the movement of the profound social impact and how it affected american culture  and society as they review a wide variety of topics and events.the topics and events were based on women’s efforts to keep the economy intact during the Revolutionary era to the present day challenges of sex discrimination and work related issues. This source also talks to you about how women have been active participants in American life and culture and how they  will continue to remain so the woman’s rights movement has been going on since the first women’s rights convention in Seneca Falls the author states that women’s rights movement is called “a movement without a past” because she believed that  every reincarnation of the women’s movement, every new effort to deal with the variety of issues that affects women’s lives, is treated as a novel idea which is true when it comes to woman’s rights women had to really speak up and still have to speak up to at least be seen .

Evaluation of Source and Explanation of Relevance:  reading this source it is valid towards my research question and I would use it in my research paper because this story line talks about the social impact and how it affected american culture  and society but not only just a society but the women’s society also and the author speaks on how women are just really over looked and were made out of a joke our feelings and what’s important to us as women dont really matter and the author really puts emphasis on that in a direct message which makes me want to expound on it even more in my research paper because i do believe that women’s rights are just completely overlooked. Lucretia Mott’s Heresy: Abolition and Women’s Rights in Nineteenth-Century AmericaMember login. (n.

d.). Retrieved January 26, 2018, from ;This source talks about another activist her name was  Lucretia MOTT she  was a minister she gave a sermon about womens rights he had addressed the first women’s rights conventions at Seneca Falls and Rochester, Seneca Indians and it talks about how she went to different places making speeches in front of students like in medical colleges such as university of pennsylvania and as she was making the speech’s she was talking  about anti-slavery organizations, Female Anti-Slavery Societies  and how  Both of the interracial organizations denounced slavery as a sin and called for its immediate end. Evaluation of Source and Explanation of Relevance:From reading this source i wont say im against what she was doing but i do feel as if this passage really was relevant to my research paper because it doesn’t really state what women had to do and what they went through in the 19th century I wouldn’t say that this source is basis but it doesn’t really relate to what women had to do in the 19th century and what they have been through to get through the 19th century although i do like the fact that in this source it explains what Lucretia MOTT was doing to help explain the past of  anti-slavery organizations, Female Anti-Slavery Societies to a younger generation of females and males .


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