Saliem GebremicaelHis 1091/17/18Are We to Be a Nation?1. Summarize

Saliem GebremicaelHis 1091/17/18Are We to Be a Nation?1. Summarize the problems with the Articles of Confederation that led to the convening of a Constitutional Convention.The problems that eventually led to the convening of the constitutional convention are the war, debt of the US, Shay’s Rebellion, the Whiskey Rebellion, a lack of oversight over the states, and the Federalist Papers. 2. What role did Washington play at the convention and why is it important?Washington had just fought a war and wanted to return home but he was persuaded to attend the Constitutional Convention. Washington was one of the most popular figures and he supported the Constitution. His attendance at the convention helped to attract other important individuals to Philadelphia. Washington did not often debate, but as the president of the convention, he guided the proceedings.3. Summarize some of the conflicts at the convention and how they were resolved.One of the conflicts at the convention is Political Equality and the solution was to leave it to the states. Small states wanted to have equal representation. Large States wanted proportional representation. The Solution was that they created two parts of congress one that is equal (senate) and one that is proportional (house). The North did not really care about slavery but the south wanted to make sure that Congress did not touch slavery for a couple of years. The Solution was that congress was not allowed to mess around with slavery for a certain amount of time after the constitution was made.4. Summarize the debate over the constitution. What finally convinced a majority of states to ratify? Federalist believed that the Constitution gave the national government the authority it needed to function effectively. Anti Federalist felt that the constitution made the national government to strong and left the states to weak. Finally, Adams and Hancock convinced the state convention to recommend adding a bill of rights to the Constitution. In addition to the Bill of Rights, Anti-Federalist would no longer be concerned of the abuse of their freedoms by a stronger national government5. Your comments about the video. What did you like, what did you not like? Why? What did you learn?I like the fact that the documentary is challenging and exceptionally intelligent.


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