Sales price. There are certain principles of the

Sales of goods act 1957 is a contract or agreement where the seller agrees to transfer a property or goods to the buyer in return for a price. There are certain principles of the 1957 act releted to the warranty of the product.

According to the sec 12(3), ” Warrenty is a collateral
and holds the main purpose of the contract, the
breach of it gives the right to claim for
damages but not a right to reject the goods
which is according to the contract. ”
According to section 13, an injured party can think a breach of condition as a breach of Warrenty which means that the injured party can claim damages without breaking the contract. Federal court also allows this claim of damage.
Warrenty also allows the buyer to enjoy quit possession of the goods but if the seller fails to provide that then the buyer can claim damages.
It also determined that the seller can’t claim any charges for the product if the buyer warrents the product before the ending time. It is infavor of the third party.

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