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Saint Cecilia was born in 200 A.D. and died in 230 A.D. Her feast day in on November 22, she is the patron saint of Musicians. St.

Cecilia is a virgin who lived in Rome her family was very rich, she was married to a young man named Valerian. She used to wear a rough fabric known as sackcloth. She fasted, prayed to the saints, angels, and virgins, begging them to guard her virginity.

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While her wedding ceremony she sung in her heart to God and before the end of her wedding, she told her husband that she promised to her virginity and had an angel protecting her. Valerian her husband asked to see the angel, and Cecilia told him he would have eyes to see once he traveled the third milestone on the Via Appia known as the Appian Way. He would have to be baptized by Pope Urbanus. After Valerians baptism he returned to Cecilia and saw an angel by her side. The angel crowned Cecilia with a necklace or rose and lily, Valerians brother Tiberius heard about the angel and about his brothers baptism, and he also wanted to be baptized so together Valerian and his brother were baptized and dedicated their lives to burying saints who were murdered each day.Valerian and his brother were arrested after some time and were executed after they denied to give a sacrifice to the gods. As Cecilia’s husband and his brother were burying the dead, St. Cecilia spent her time teaching and she converted over four hundred people.

Most of the people she converted were baptized by Pope Urban. St. Cecilia was also arrested awhile after her husband and brother law were arrested. She was sentenced to be strangled in baths, Cecilia was shut in a room for one whole night and day.

 Fires were started and it was and incredibly hot temperature but St. Cecilia didn’t have one drop of sweat. When Almachius heard about everything he sent someone to cut off her head. The strangler tried three times to cut her head off but wasn’t able to. He left Cecilia and assumed she would die, she lived for three days. People came to collect her blood while she prayed to them.

On the third day she died and was buried by Pope Urban and his Deacons. St. Cecilia is known as the patron saint of music because she was hearing heavenly music in her heart while she was getting married. She is represented with an organ or organ pipes in her hand.

Her body was disclosed in 1599, she was found incorrupt. The first of all incorrupt saints, she was cloaked in a silk veil and wore a gold stitched dress. There was an unknown beautiful flower like odor that came from the coffin. St.

Cecilia’s remains were relocated to Cecilia’s titular church in Trastevere and were settled under the high altar. The church of Cecilia was rebuilt in 1599 by Cardinal Paolo Emilio Sfondrati, the nephew of PopE Gregroy XIV.Saint Cecilia lived the gospel in her everyday live by praying each day. Making a promise to god which was not to lose her virginity and she kept her promise. She also lived it by respecting the ten commandments, she strongly believed in god and angels.

 Saint Cecilia became a saint because she would always help people by feeding those who needed food, giving water to those who had none,  helping the homeless, giving clothes to those who needed. Saint Cecilia also suffered for three days before finally dying. She was also very close to god and prayed very often. I think Saint Cecilia became a saint because she helped a lot of people and was very kind.

She was also very close to god and prayed very often. She was loyal to God, she kept her vow of her virginity even though she as married she was nice, and caring. I choose Saint Cecilia because she was a very kind saint and very thoughtful about other people and she always thought and love  other people before herself  


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