Safety to cutting injuries. Team members should

Safety is the most important aspect when working on a project and major factor that is considered in the world of work. It can cause delays, cancellation of the project, injuries to team members when limited or no time is spent doing safety. It can be a simple risk or an extraordinary incident that might never come to mind. For example, while walking to meet your group, if the weather is really cold you can get sick or it’s raining, and the ground is slippery, you can slip and have an accident that will cause your group to fail. To avoid these kinds of accidents team members should check the weather forecast or shouldn’t run in order not to fall. Another point to be made on risk assessment is that you evaluate these risks to prevent any incident that may happen in different ways such as using inappropriate tools for cutting and assembling the foam can lead to cutting injuries. Team members should always use provided tools and follow the safety rules. The risks that team members should be more aware are the ones that caused by electricity and fire. Shortcuts are the most common reason to be electrocuted, drying the workplace and using isolation while using electricity will prevent it when connecting the electric cables and testing the alternator.

This is why a risk assessment has to be filled out, read and signed by every team member to make them aware of all the hazards and possible injuries they can sustain to keep them safe while at work. Our project replicates industry in the outside world and we have filled out this risk assessment attached below

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