Safety and follow emergency drills and insist

Safety is about taking steps to avoid or reduce risk. It provides corrective, preventive measures to minimize if not eliminate hazards. This includes steps you take while working, driving, playing sports, and doing chores. Accident is an unplanned, unexpected, and undesired event which occurs suddenly. There are three causes of accidents and these are injury or loss, a decrease in value of the resources, and an increase in liabilities. As a technical term ‘accident’ does not have a clearly defined legal meaning.

In insurance terminology, an accident is the events which are not deliberately caused, and which is not inevitable. Prevention is about the choices you make each day regarding, among other things, tobacco, alcohol, and sexual activity. It includes self-care, which is about paying attention to how you feel and taking action when you sense something is wrong.

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This means being tuned in to your body and mind and realizing when something is out of balance. Safety and prevention are about minimizing risk, making wise choices, and actively managing your health. There are six ways prevent accidents in the workplace and these are always be alert, don’t rush your work, wear required safety gear, follow instructions to a tee, pay attention to and follow emergency drills and insist upon proper training. It improves quality: time.

Companies who exercise safety have higher quality products. A safe workplace tends to be a more efficient one, free of debris and tangles of cords. Hazard is the potential of an act that can lead to an accident. Unsafe condition is seen as a physical or chemical property in the material. Therefore, we should prioritize our safety because we ourselves are the one responsible for it. We should be vigilant on our surroundings and workplace.

Also, we should be careful on our actions since accident may happen anywhere, everywhere, and anytime.


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