s as a whole.technologically advanced enough to be

s new technology helpful or harmful to society?i think technology has helped in the growth and development of the mankind as a whole.technologically advanced enough to be safe for use every day and to work as a reliable tool for getting people and goods from one place to another in a relatively short space of time.the information highway, Any answer to any question can be found with a few clicks of the keys on the computer or smart phone.Connecting with people in different parts of the world travelling long distance and having constant sources of entertainment and ease of cooking and storing food are some of the best things technology has offered us.Technology has changed modern society drastically, both positively and negatively.the effects on health,The impure air and water is hazardous to human health.Excessive use of smartphones causes stress and posture related health issues.to sum up,I strongly think that Technology has influenced every aspect of our life, making it simpler but not necessarily better.


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