ROSALES, Tomas, became the bishop to the

ROSALES, Lucia Grace A.LAL-LO: An Ever-growing Town Lal-lo, Cagayan, formerly known as Nueva Segovia is one of the first four cities Philippines ever had, alongside with Manila, Cebu, and Nueva Caceres (Naga). It was because of its accessible river, the Cagayan River, it was once the capital of not only the province, but as well as the whole Cagayan Valley. Became the seat of diocese in the year 1595, it was later transferred to Ilocos Sur. Miguel Buenavides, O.P.

, the founder of the University of Santo Tomas, became the bishop to the diocese of Nueva Segovia. Lal-loqueños, at the earlier times, as often perceived as Mestizas because of the racial mixture going on in the town during the colonization period. Natives of Lal-lo was called Ybanags first settled along the river, and have fishing as their livelihood. Was later on, upon discovered by the Ilocanos. With rich soil, suited for agriculture, Ilocanos, who used to visit the land for barter married the natives, and that began the migration of Ilocanos in the land. At present, you can still feel the Spanish Colonial vibe in the town. The planning was so Laws of the Indies, except that the house of the town Mayor is now located a barangay away from the Centro, where the church, plaza and the municipal hall is located. After the completion of the Lal-lo International airport, it is now set to test runs, and later on, will accommodate incoming and outgoing flights, locally and internationally.

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Some of the old buildings from the past administrations were renovated and remodeled, while some of the Spanish Colonial era houses were preserved by its owners, and some ruins are still intact and is planned to be preserved by the government. The future of the town is bright and the chance of growing and claiming back its title Nueva Segovia or New City is still big. We, Lal-loqueños and Ybanags are still waiting and striving to achieve one of our many dreams, to grow and to be known, not only nationally but also internationally. Lal-lo, for me, is an ever-growing town, with lovely and accommodating residents, with world-class place, and rich history.


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