Role Empire was carrying between Asia and Europe,

Role Played by The Mongol Empire in Spreading “The Black Death” from Asia to Europe
The outbreak was first reported in China in early 1300. The plague spread to eight distinct areas including the Mongol empire. Due to the trading carried out by the Mongol empire, they managed to spread the disease from China to the Middle East and Europe. In 1347, the Mongol empire took Caffa city, a great trade emporium on the Crimean Peninsula under siege. The siege was commanded by Janibeg who was backed by forces from Venetian. Many of the Mongol citizens affected by the plague died, and their leaders catapulted the infected corpses over the walls infecting the inhabitants.
The traders who were fleeing the empire transferred the plague to South Europe through their ships. From there, the plague spread to the other parts of Europe since it was spreading so quickly and killing within six days. They spread the disease by poisoning the wells and using the germ welfare. The ships also had rats and fleas which contributed significantly to the spread of the disease. Therefore, through the trade, the Mongol Empire was carrying between Asia and Europe, played a significant role in spreading the disease across the European countries.
Therefore, the Mongols deserve to be blamed for the widespread of the disease. They played a primary role in spreading the disease to significant parts of Europe by throwing infected corpses over the wall. They also allowed trade to continue despite the threat they faced from the disease. On the other hand, they may not be blamed as much because the plague had affected many empires and was bound to hit Europe either way. The disease was spreading too quickly, and there were inadequate treatment measures. Therefore, the trading carried out by the Mongol Empire, contributed significantly to spreading the disease from Asia to Europe. (Weatherford, 197)


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