Rohan Naik MS17GCS272 INTRODUCTION- At present stage the

Rohan Naik


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At present stage the nonrenewable sources are
mostly used for the satisfying the world’s energy demand. However these resources are limited and will extinct within a century. This will result in the demand of unconventional sources of energy. Using the present technology it would be next to impossible to harness the energy to satisfy world’s energy demand.So there is a great need for advancement of technology using nanomaterials.


Photovoltaic Cells
Wind Energy
Geothermal Energy
Hydrogen Energy etc.

Occupations in solar power

The solar power industry provides wide range of jobs in a number of major industry sectors: research and development, construction of solar power materials and plants, operation of solar power plants, and solar power set-ups and maintenance. Sales occupations are also integral part of the solar power industry.

Job duties

Physicists observe, measure, interpret, and develop theories to explain different properties using mathematics.
Chemists studies various properties, composition, and
structure of matter it also studies various reaction related to it.
Materials scientists study the structures and chemical
properties of various materials to create new products or
enhance existing ones.


A doctoral degree is a necessity for engineers that conduct original research and develop new products; however, some workers may enter the scientific fields with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Computer skills are necessary for engineers to perform data analysis, integration, modeling,and testing. Certification or licensure is not required for most of these engineers.


Energy such as solar power will prove to be a key piece of the growing “green economy,” and jobs in these field show great potential for new employment opportunities. Jobs will grow in all the major sectors of the solar power industry in the coming decade: manufacturing, project development, construction, operation and maintenance, and installation. This growth in the solar power industry is evidenced by the accelerated increase in solar capacity over the past decade, leading to the increased the demand for skilled workers. Jobs in this industry are located in
various states and generate a wide variety of employment. As solar technology develops and new uses for solar power are identified, occupations in this sector will continue to grow and expand.


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