Robots through artificial intelligence they are now able

Robots can be considered as one of the greatest artwork ofhumans.

Unlike in the beginning, now they are capable of doing many things.Almost since the beginning robots had been a very useful thing. Some of theirgreat advantages are given below.

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·        Help given on authorities totrack down criminals and danger through surveillance bots.·        In building prosthetic limbsfor the disabled with developed functionalities·        Collect data from placeswhere humans can’t reach. Example; to get temperature reports from an activevolcano and predict the future for the public.Even though people get a lot of advantages through them, stillthe public sometimes forget that their Ethical principles are being violatedwithout their knowledge.

As I mentioned in the section 1 about the ethicalissues, now let’s critically identify their problem.What is human dignity and respect? It means individual right forevery human to own his/her own unique value and honor. This is major area whichis effected due to robotics.

With the help of the algorithms and logic given torobots through artificial intelligence they are now able to think suitably andact. When this technology rises to a level where robots can totally thinkautonomously what is the use of humans spending years for higher education,degrees and experiences? This will neglect the human dignity and respectclearly. People might choose the faster the better way unlike going throughtraditions. For example, if robots are built to uplift the medical field and fpeople also prefer more to go to them, then what will happen to the all thattime and money of doctors who spent half of their life in Universities to getthe respect of a doctor. This clearly violates articles number 23, 18 and 19from UDHR and 9, 18 articles from ECHRRising of robot companions is now becoming a head liftingethical issues in the world which effect to the privacy and security ofcitizens in the world. Currently there are many Virtual Assistants like Googleassistant which is developed by google available in the different devices allaround the world.

Once when these upgrade to a suitable standard they would beinstalled in robots. Even now there are limited number of robots with thosefeatures. If people get addicted to this technology they would go behind allthese new tech. Then comes questions like what if someone is spying on us usingthem? or what if they able to crack down password by connecting to homenetworks? And if so happens and then someone get blackmailed then it wouldclearly violate UDHR articles related to privacy and security such as 23, 18,19 and 12.War is a crisis situation in theworld today. This had caused lots of innocent lives to end up dead resulting inmany bad consequences. This had to be stopped soon but stronger the war becomemore the sacrifices had to be done.

But as a solution robots were introduced tobattlefield. But is this ethical to use them in war. Unlike a loss of a humanlife it would not affect much when a robot is destroyed because they can bedesigned again. But if a robot gets hacked since they are connected to internetto have remote access what will happen to the classified information on it? Ifthe enemies get hands on them, they might override data and the worse thing isthat they might get to know about mission plan. If the enemies are highlytrained with these technologies, they might be able to turn enemy robots intotheir side which would directly effect on the national security and the trustpeople have about government and their plans.


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