Rising the affluence of society and the

Rising living standards were a huge contributing factor as to why the conservatives were able to dominate from 1951 to 1964, however, it would be naïve to say that this was the lone reason for such an extended period of dominance and conservative’s greatest victory in 1959. There were other factors that assisted conservative dominance; whether that be the conservative’s key personalities in figures such as Macmillan and Eden, good timing, the internal disunity of the rival labour party, all factors contributed to the dominant years. Undoubtedly the affluence of society and the rising living standards had a prominent impact upon the successes during this 13-year period, however I believe that internal labour divisions had the greatest effect on the electoral outcomes of this period as it essentially gave the conservatives an unrivaled challenge to power.
During 1951, a devastating labour division occurred which split the party into two political positions of the left and right. Sparked by the introduction of prescription charges under Gaitskell’s demands to reduce welfare spending, Nye Bevan (the minister of health within the Attlee cabinet ) subsequently resigned as he believed it challenged the very principle of the free NHS which he helped to create. This very public division between some of the key politicians within the labour party created further disputes on many other policies such as the Korean war involvement or nuclear technological advancements; the conservatives capitalized upon these labelling the party as disunited, hindering the publics trust and support for the party and potentially shifting the public vote in the 1951 election.


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