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Rick Scott is an American businessman and a republican politician who has served as the 45th Governor of Florida for the last seven years (Wikipedia). Red tides are known as the phenomenon of sea water discoloration due to the bloom of red algae caused by the warmth of seas. Besides, they are considered like an alerting side effect of pollution. These frequent blooms have always been a part of the history of Florida. However during the last years, this glow of algae has increased dramatically. The current state of Florida’s beaches has conflicted with political and environmental issues. At a visit to Venice, FL, for his campaign, Rick Scott was surrounded by an angry crowd blaming him to be responsible for the devastating crisis of the majority of Florida beaches. Even if some people accuse Scott for his strategy towards the environment and associate him to red tides, others still support his acts. Hence, could the Florida Governor be considered responsible for red tides surplus emergence or not?
Rick Scott has been decried out of Mojo’s Real Cuban restaurant at Venice. In the article, “Florida governor booed out of restaurant over red tide algae issues” By Morgan Gstalter,
a Sarasota resident who came to protest against the problem of red tides, said “Once you wipe out the economy and the tourism, Florida’s dead.” “If this doesn’t show us we need to do things differently and hold people accountable, what will?” (Gstalter, 2018, paragraph 7) Gstalter discusses how Venice citizens are worried about the frequent presence of red tides in the Gulf of Mexico beaches. They feel concerned about their health and way of living especially that these algae are toxic. A significant example is portrayed by the fact that the current main purpose to go to the beach is to collect data about this crisis instead of swimming (Gstalter, 2018, paragraph 6). Furthermore, the author of the article is showing that the community of Florida is skeptic about the decisions taken by their Governor concerning water and environmental pollution. Red tide is a periodic event that used to occur naturally. Unfortunately, with the raise of population and pollution it is more difficult to preserve a green environment. As a matter of fact, fighting the drawbacks of contamination needs not only more political and social awareness but also more investment and rising funds.


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