Reviewing the current market position of John

Reviewing the current market position of John Keells PLC is the best way to identify the present performance in the market share and the market growth. Currently there are seven brokers in the industry and the total trade handles around 300 million kilograms of made tea for a year. John Keells PLC lead the list with a market share of 20% by handling 60 million kilograms a year. The second highest market share is at 15% by Forbes and walkers. As a result of handling a higher volume, John Keells PLC sells a variety of teas. Due to this reason Forbes and walker has over taken John Keells PLC on the average price. F&W maintains an average of Rs 610/- whilst John Keells PLC is at Rs 595/-. John Keells is also in the business of storing tea and owns the largest tea stores in the country. John Keells warehouse can store up to 5 million kilograms at any given time. A kilogram of tea stored at the rate of Rs 2.21/- and based on the number of days the teas are stored the rate changes. With the volume it can John Keells warehousing holds the number one position in the storing category.


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