Results then normalized by dividing their maximum

Results and Discussions We recorded Marathi database of numerals zero to nine.

In this we have intended to implement a password system with numerals and many other such applications in everyday life. The 20 samples for each word were recorded from different people and these samples were then normalized by dividing their maximum values. Then they were decomposed using Dynamic Time Warping. Out of 20 samples recorded, 16 samples are used to train the DTW and the unused 4 samples are used for test purpose.

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In this project, speech recognition software had been developed using MFCC & DTW algorithms. The reference file was created for different-different pre recorded speech signals. When the microphone input signal was applied, its MFCC coefficients were compared to the pre-recorded speech’s MFCC coefficients using DTW algorithm. The Output scores of DTW calculate the nearest sound of the recorded speech signals. End of the software output was displayed on MATLAB output screen.

Software would display correct numeral if applied microphone signal would be compared with pre-recorded ; online signals. The Results of some of the extracted features of recorded database of numerals zero to nine in Marathi are shown in the figures below. Fig. 6.

1 Mel Frequency Cepstrum Coefficients Fig. 6.2 Mel Frequency Cepstrum of Shunya. Coefficients of pach. Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the systemWe have created the GUI of the system for the recognition of the numerals. The DTW 0-9 Digit Recognizer has the various command buttons like record, open, play, recognize etc. It shows the opened wave file. In this project, we have designed a DTW digit recognizer, in which the command button open reads the pre-recorded numerals and the command button record the online numeral spoken by the speaker.

We can play the pre-recorded ; online numeral spoken by the speaker, and then we can recognize the numeral using the DTW for feature matching. It matches the template by taking into account the minimum warping distance between the various numerals. The Template with closest match defined in manner chosen as recognized numeral ; it is displayed on GUI display.


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