Response Questioning the role of crisis counselors within

Response to GaryGary,Your article of choice intrigued me.

  Towl (2011) brings an enlightening perspective of the unique dynamics of prison life. Specifically, he indicates the necessity of a different perspective when evaluating for successful approaches to counseling and therapies within the prison. Specifically, Towl’s (2011) perspective of working therapeutically with prison staff to experiment with techniques and skills that directly support the prisoner.

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Utilizing prison staff as an extension and continuation of the therapeutic interventions ultimately aiding in overall systemic success. His references are supportive of perspective.I used Ulrich’s Periodical Directory (Walden, 2015) to verify my peer-reviewed article as well. I felt the directory was very user-friendly. I hope you had the same experience. I also went to the journal website, as a double check the journal is peer-reviewed. I also noted a student can request assistance from the library when you are having difficulty identifying if the article or journal is refereed. Walden University (2015) suggests using the acronym CARP (Credentials, Accuracy, Relevance, Purpose) when attempting to validate a resource.

The article I chose of this week’s discussion (A crisis in counseling: Questioning the role of crisis counselors within police departments.) contained a reference page but the author did not utilize citations in the context of her writing. I enjoyed the article but felt it could have had a bigger impact if the author had contained supportive citations. I would be happy to hear your perspective on the article.ReferenceTowl, G. (2011). Forensic psychotherapy and counseling in prisons.

European Journal Of Psychotherapy And Counseling, 13(4), 403-407. doi:10.1080/13642537.2011.

645620Walden University. (2015). Identifying & evaluating online resources.

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