Respected animals from neglect to malicious killing. A

Respected Arwa Lodhi, After going through your article, I came to know what is animal abuse? It is the cruelty towards animals. It is the major calamitous ills in the society which is mostly linked with sociopathic behavior and vulgar behavior towards animals which display a lack of virtuous responsibility and social responsibility.

It is also known as brutality towards animals. It is also the action of imposing laboring pain, getting injured or death of an animal life. They are generally domesticated one greater than their basic necessity for an average discipline.

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It can go away or disagree which is so horrible that the creature has passed away, suffered or have been put at risk or end of his life.  And most important thing is that it encompasses a range of behaviors which are harmful to animals from neglect to malicious killing. A heart-touching film about animals that amusingly resulted in the death of many animals because lack of practice and their over-confidence towards animals in which they think they can do was “The Heaven’s Gate”. This movie was released in 1980. As reported to a tremendous inquiry according to the American Humane Association there were many different any animal types of reports coming of many different types of animals being killed in merciless ways while the making of the film was going on which included horses that were almost “intensified” with trinitrotoluene(dynamite).

Other different types animal which was being abused were divulged from “Heaven’s Gate” which consisted of many various types of horses being tripped, chickens being decollated (decapitated), included real cockfights.When I was going through your article, I read about American Humane Association(AHA) but there was only a less information given so I decided to do a research on the American Humane Association. After doing research I got to know that this is an organization which was founded in 1877 in Washington D.

C and Los Angeles. It is active for the last 140 years. It was founded just to ensure the safety, well-being, health, security, and comfort of the animals. It was earlier called International Humane Association before getting its name changed in 1878. Its mission is to ensure the welfare, wellness, and well-being of the animals and the children.

It gave me ideas of how to reduce animal abuse in films. We can ban those films who uses an animal in their film and use it as an animal abuse. The phrase which is written in your article AHA was awarded “No Animals Were Harmed” is true. Because the AHA outlines their standards for animal care in their “guidelines for the safe use of animals in the film industry”. The guidelines say something obvious that filmmakers use something like” animal handlers” who are knowledgeable about the different species of animals and are familiar with set protocols and “No chemicals should be used around animal during the making of the film”. Filmmakers also have to keep in mind that Non-Skid boots on livestock should also be used. Animals that appear in the background of the scenes should also be provided with proper food, shelter, water as well as care.

In other words, Stray animals should be protected under AHA’s protection. The certification “No animals were harmed” doesn’t actually mean that none of the species of animal was killed during the making of the film. If any animal was killed by chance while the AHA’s guidelines were being followed, the production can get the certification and use the disclaimer in its film and promotion. Many Hollywood journalists from different places have gone on a list of a whole range of wild animal movies. Animals which are used in films are often treated as little more than props, and most of them suffer horrendously behind the scenes. The set of the film, with its sweltering arc-lights relentless retakes and the whips of trainers, is a frightening experience and environment for animals.There have been numerous examples of animals who have received harsh beatings during filmmaking.

Some animals suffer and others have even died. Some animals are drugged to make them easier to work any many other have their teeth and cause surgically remove or their jaws stitched shut. Exotic animals are bred in captivity an are trained using a combination of punishment and food deprivation as physical punishment has been the standard training method for animals in filmmaking since ages. Violence towards animal’s sheds like on a very serious issue.

Although the minimum standard for animal care is already st the laws are insufficient and loosely enforced.The use of animals in films should be stopped once and for all. The movie rise of the planet of the apes is an exemplary example. Using the latest technology for producing computer generated apes, the star of the movie Caesar looks and acts like a real chimpanzee and it is amazing that not even a single chimpanzee had been used to show the viewers what is it like to be a chimpanzee. The animals who are used in films do not have a choice but we audiences definitely have.

We can make a huge difference by letting those who continue to abuse animals or play the blame game by shunning the responsibility know that we raise our voice against this inhumanity and we will not watch their films at all. The use of animals by filmmakers has often received criticism for allegedly harmful, and sometimes lethal, treatment of animals during production is not a right way to use animals in the film industry. Although, animals play a major role in our life. They are not meant to use in such a way that is injurious to their lives. We should understand not to kill animals for such purposes which are worthless.

We should not be cruelled to the animals and not hurt them physically or mentally and treat them wisely.


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