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Research statementI intend to conduct research on how PayPal system is increasing accounting profit in business. Being the widely acceptable method of digital payment, PayPal has significant positive impact on businesses as it is cheaper to process compared to other payment methods resulting in marketing competence. Additionally, despite being the most preferred mode of online payment by customers, it also eliminates risks relating to imprecise cash handling, theft, fraud and procedural costs which in turn reduce the accrued profits within an organization. Secondary dataMy research will be guided by a secondary data set on PayPal financial reports available on https://investor. for the financial years 2015/2016 – 2017/2018.

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The data, currently available in both html and pdf formats and shows the performance highlights of the organization, with a gradual increase in revenue. I also intend to create my own primary data pertaining to increased profit margins of companies by studying consumer online expenditure in a Business-to-consumer ecommerce market. The data is available for the financial years 2017/2018 available on https://www. researchRQ: Does digital payments influence an organization’s profit?Quantitative study:RQ1: Is there a correlation between an increase in an organization accounting profit and the growing use of PayPal payment gateway?RQ2: Does integrating a PayPal payment gateway increase the accounting profit of an organization?Search termsI my research, I will use “PayPal payment gateway”, “E-commerce”, “Accounting profit” and “digital payment” as the search terms. However, my research will be limited to the year 2002 when PayPal became a visibly traded company and has since experienced gradual growth to be the commonly accepted method of digital payment (Fung, Molico, ; Stuber, 2014; Wenjing, 2017; World Bank Development Research Group, 2014).


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