Research Based on stage goals of organization we

Research Project on HR issues faced in Fluidonomics Solutions LLP

Submitted in the partial fulfillment towards the award of the
Masters in Business Administration -Quality Management as part of the course
Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani (2018-2019)
Submited By
Akshay Pralhad Phadke
Student ID : – 2018HB74038
Mail ID : – [email protected]
Having worked for Fluidonomics Solutions LLP from the year 2017-2018, I have chosen this case of HR related issue in the company during the implementation of a particular policy in recent years.

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Technology Solutions company with modern techno-creative fluid blend as its principle.  Developing economically feasible, artistically adaptable, and technically cutting edge solutions as its focus. Based on stage goals of organization we serve through choice of tracks: Acceleration, Build, Change, Direct and Economize We promise no box-pushing, no hyper-specialization cacophony and no take your pick selling.

Art: – We are a team of vibrant and skilled creative artists;  young and motivated designers. With inclusive participation from students of design, media and communication disciplines; we provide perfect colors of creativity and imagination to the ‘fluid blend’
Science: – We are a team of highly qualified and experienced technology evangelists;  Dedicated and focused technology geeks. With cohesive mentoring from industry leaders we provide perfect edge of latest technology, performance, and 
Fluidonomics solution is the emerging company in the IT Sector and mainly expertise in the area of Quality, Support, Branding, Corporate Identity, Graphic Designing, User Interfaces, Content Creation, Technology Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, Support Center, Data Science, Lead Generation, to Actual Sales.

As fluidonomics is the growing startup and having the clients like Resilinc Technology, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance and Bajaj Allianz General Insurance they have some of the major concerns were,
Team of HR are not stable and changing the HR person on regular time of interval
HR should be a bridge between the employee and client, but there is communication gap
Issues related working hours
Issues related with the Target and Dead lines
Should think of Employee benefits
Less Benefits
Working on Saturdays and Sundays instruction from the client
PF Related Issues
Issue related leaves
Some of the problems are as mentioned below:
1. As a employee, every employee needs the person who listen them and solve their problem and give them a good solution to the problem. Main problem or major concern is in Fluidonomics employee not able to maintain their work and life balance due to the extended working hours. And due to the constant changes in HR team new HR person not able to understand problem very well.

2. Another major concern is that financial concern, PF related problems now arising in the firm like from the last 7-8 Months PF getting deducted from the salary but till now they did not provide the PF numbers to the employees for checking their contribution towards PF.

3. Company needs to understand the employees are the blood of the company to run the business successfully, as recent case in firm is that employee decided to resign from the post who is very old employee of company and very good resource to a company. Main reason behind this is Leaves for the festival.

4. Another major concern is doing the very good contribution towards the work area and did not get a any appreciation from client as well as from the HR team. Not giving good appraisal at financial year end.

5. Every employee wants to give their best towards work and for the company then it is the duty of HR persons to understand the needs and problems of employee and give them a better benefits for them and for family members.

To provide the good service for IT industries HR are forgetting the Needs and beneficial things for the employee and those are needs to address

Theoretical Causes of Problem:
Work-life balance has always been a concern of those interested in the quality of working life and its relation to broader quality of life. work-life balance has come to the fore in contemporary debates largely because in affluent societies the excessive demands of work are perceived to present a distinctive issue that needs to be addressed. The pressures of work, for those in work, have been intensifying in recent decades. Factors such as the advances in information technology and information load, the need for speed of response, the importance attached to quality of customer service and its implications for constant availability and the pace of change with its resultant upheavals and adjustments all demand our time and can be sources of pressure
The problem is arising due to the lack of the experience in the HR field , and firm is the startup firm. Problem for issue of the work life balance is mainly the pressure from the client side and due to the contract signing at the time of renewals.

HR team should take a stand for their employee and having discussion with the clients about the problems. As working on the client side clients wants us to extend our works for there projects because we are vendors, for this HR team should take a stand for there employees.

Now employees in our firm are losing the hopes in terms of the their appraisals, because new person who is joining the firm have the more package and for less years of experience, and opposite to that current employee having good experience but still struggle for the good appraisals.

Initiatives of company (To solve problem)
To address the these problems management takes the action and they have to, they are trying to solve the problem with making work in the shifts for the employee and hiring the more resource to release the work pressure. Due to the shifts works hours are split and also the work pressure.

For the problem related to the PF account they provide the online access towards to check the contribution towards PF account through the online portal which include the contribution of PF.

Issue of Saturdays and Sunday working they offering the Compensatory off which needs to be taken within two upcoming weeks. If any employee extend their working ours then company having the provision of the Overtime pay. To know more about the employee at work place conduct the some surveys including the questions like
1. Are you happy at work?
2. What would you rate your work-life balance? 
3. How is the Office environment
4. frequently Conducting Meeting
5. Some times offering Flexible work options
To reduce the communication gap between the employees who are working in client location management introduce the training for the HR team includes,
1. Taking long phone conversations away from where people are working
2. Keeping a low voice during conversations in work areas
3. Moving lengthy conversations to designated meeting spaces
4. Showing courtesy when walking through the office with others
5. Conducting planned meetings in conference rooms
This kind of initiative is taken by the body and HR team of the Company.

Below image is referred from online which consist of the Main HR challenges to Run the business successfully

At the end fluidonomics is the growing organisation and need more time to improve the HR policies towards the employee and ‘client and service before the employee’ needs to be understand.

We can also conclude the importance of below mentioned points in a company:
Employee participation in setting up the appraisal systems
Employee grievance handling methodologies in a service industry
Understand the importance of good HR policies
Analyse the drawbacks of a policy along with its retrospective effect.


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