Research the researcher apply to gather information’s and

Research methods are referred to ways that the researcher apply to gather information’s and data using technique such as surveys, interview and observation and these are some of the frequently used approaches’. The researcher would apply in detail interviews when researcher wants to loosen in profundity information about attitudes and life experiences. However, if the researcher is aiming to achieve holistic, extra statistically important information, then the researcher need to use survey to gather the information’s. Nevertheless, it is crucial to emphasize not every methods would be entirely matching a meticulous research study (Creswell ; Plano Clark, 2007).

Qualitative and quantitative are known as the two forms of methods that is been used in research. Qualitative research assists the researcher to obtain more detail data’s and this data is collected by using, questionnaire, observation, interview and schedule. It is an open ended data. Qualitative methods, the data tends to be more words than numbers. This method has the capability of textual illustration on people experience in the issue related to the research study. Qualitative research gives information on human’s beliefs, emotions, behaviours and even relationship. At the same time this research method is effective to identify insubstantial factors such as, gender roles, religions, ethnicity and social norm (Creswell, 2009).

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On the other hand the quantitative data are more numbers as it is about quantity and this method permit the researcher to gather data that is more statistically significant. Quantitative data is obtained via questionnaire, test, attitude and rating scale. This data is known as closed ended. Methods are comprehensive description that gives a framework and the choice of margin is lesser based the region of research that the researcher had chosen. Once the researcher had chosen a particular research method, he or she needs to apply the appropriate measure to the research studies (Johnson ; Christensen, 2008). When quantitative methods are used together with, qualitative research it enables the researchers to have a better understanding and assist in interpreting the complexity and the implication of quantitative data (Bryman, 2007). When are planning to build a house, an expert architect will prepare a suitable ‘blueprint’. Likewise in research, a suitable and appropriate research design need to be planned prior to data collection and analysis of the research project.

Polit ; Hungler, (2001) had mentioned that, methodology is referred to ways of obtaining, planning and analyzing data. The decisions on methodology depend on the nature of the research question. Burns ; Grove, (2001), had stated that, in research methodology can be considered to be the theory of correct scientific decisions. Silverman, (2000), had described methodology as the resources or method of doing something. Methodology includes the design, setting, sample size, methodological limitation and the data collection and analysis techniques in a research (Burns ; Grove, 2003).

In methodology of research study chapter three will be deliberated. For the data collection methods, primary data was collected from respondents while secondary data will be shown out. In this chapter, research instrument, constructs measurement, methods of data processing and data analysis will be explained. In order to conduct a study, the researcher needs to have a research design which is also known as ‘blue print’.


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