Report- machinery and most accurate glass wear will

Report-Different Types ofTitration:  –         Acid-Base Titration:  Towork out the content of a specific acid such as HCl or a base, such as NaOH, ina liquid, acid-base titration is the best option. In this type of titration, asolution of known concentration is added until the sample solution of unknownconcentration reaches a specified pH level as indicated by an indicator.  –         Oxidation-ReductionTitration: Alsoknown as redox titration, this form of titration relies on a gain or loss ofelectrons within a sample to find out what is in the sample. A possible use forRedox titration would be to study contamination in a source of drinking water.  –         Precipitation Titration: In aprecipitation titration, a substance is added to a sample until a reactionoccurs that causes a solid to precipitate from the sample.

Precipitationtitration can be used to work out the amount of salts in a solution. Thistitration can have different names for it depending on the substance used tocause the precipitate reaction. –         Titration inindustry    In industry a standard solution is prepared using the best and most expensiveglass wear, these are more accurate than those used in an education institutethey may also get standard solutions bought in externally from a company, thesewill be highly accurate and the best machinery and most accurate glass wearwill have been used. in industry machinery can also be used to ensure themeasurements are precise and can happen without the need for supervision, thesemachines can quickly read and translate the results, unlike in college wheremost of the analysis must be manually conducted which leaves a large margin forerror.

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Because industries highly automate the process of making standardsolutions and performing the titrations they have a much faster, accurate andmore efficient method of performing titration, they have access to equipmentsuch as the ‘Karl Fischer auto titrator’ which can measure the content of waterin a given sample. 


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