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Report on Nepotism: A Growing Practice in PakistanPrepared for: To Whom It May ConcernPrepared by: Aabroo Fatima (Sp18-BAF-001)Submitted On: 29-December-2018 Table of contents: TOC o “1-3” h z u Abstract PAGEREF _Toc531264880 h 3Introduction PAGEREF _Toc531264881 h 3Statement of the problem: PAGEREF _Toc531264882 h 3Introduction: PAGEREF _Toc531264883 h 3Background Information: PAGEREF _Toc531264884 h 3Political field: PAGEREF _Toc531264885 h 4Educational field: PAGEREF _Toc531264886 h 4Purpose: PAGEREF _Toc531264887 h 4Significance of the study: PAGEREF _Toc531264888 h 4Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc531264889 h 5Methodology: PAGEREF _Toc531264890 h 5Scope. PAGEREF _Toc531264891 h 6Limitations.

PAGEREF _Toc531264892 h 6Discussion PAGEREF _Toc531264893 h 7Method of Study: PAGEREF _Toc531264894 h 7Survey of citizen: PAGEREF _Toc531264895 h 7Interview of MPA’s/Supervisor: PAGEREF _Toc531264896 h 7Facts ; Figures: PAGEREF _Toc531264897 h 7Findings PAGEREF _Toc531264898 h 8Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc531264899 h 9Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc531264900 h 9Bibliography PAGEREF _Toc531264901 h 9Appendices PAGEREF _Toc531264902 h 11Questionnaire for survey PAGEREF _Toc531264903 h 11Interview Questions: PAGEREF _Toc531264904 h 12For citizen: PAGEREF _Toc531264905 h 12For higher manager or MPA’s: PAGEREF _Toc531264906 h 12AbstractThe following report investigates the nepotism: a growing practice in Pakistan, and present recommendations to rectify it. The aim of this study was to observe the consequences of nepotism on education and politics in Pakistan. We using sampling technique for data collection. 300 questionnaires were distributed to the people of 4 to 5 cities.

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Results show that favoritism, nepotism is negatively connected with Pakistan development. IntroductionStatement of the problem:This report is to investigate the nepotism and present recommendation to rectify it.Introduction:Nepotism means favoritism, favoritism based on family ties. In short, the employment of relatives or close friends, regardless of merits and abilities. Nepotism is the only factor that increases day by day in whole over the world.

In Pakistan its growth rate is more than any of other country. Nepotism now become a way of life in Pakistan, which consequently made Pakistan extremely inefficient.Background Information:In education and political field, nepotism become a big disease in Pakistan.Political field:Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (former PM) father of Benazir Bhutto (former PM) who is spouse of Asif Ali Zardari (former President) who is father of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari (current candidate for PM).Kulsoom Nawaz (NA-120 candidate) spouse of Nawaz Sharif (former PM) who is brother of Shahbaz Sharif (CM of Punjab, PM candidate) who is uncle of Maryam Nawaz (NA candidate) who is spouse of Capt. Ret. Safdar (NA candidate) who is uncle of Hamza Shahbaz (NA candidate) whose close relative is Ishaq Dar (Finance Minister of Pakistan).

Educational field:In education departments, favoritism is at the top. In job vacancies, merit people cannot select because the senior management already filled the seats based on favoritism.Now, the commission demanding that there should be merit. The HEC also underscores loopholes in quality, merit and other issues in over 150 universities.Purpose:The purpose of this report is to vanish nepotism through some recommendations or quality work.Significance of the study:This study will further help us in covering all the aspects leading towards our country. It will also help us in determining the factors which can compel us to eradicate this problem.

Through these analysis various seminars could be arranged for people making them aware about this problem. The HEC also needed to make new policies, even the political stability can be achieved through justice and laws.Literature Review:  The aim of this study was to observe the consequences of favoritism, nepotism on job satisfaction (Journal of Business and Management Research, 8 (2015) 224-228) Management Plan to ensure equal opportunity and to avoid the possibility of Nepotism(memo-2018)Methodology:To investigate the problems, the issues of different countries analyzed. questionnaires are distributed to citizen of randomly selected cities and their feedback is also analyzed.

Supervisor of many cities are interviewed to gain their perspective and finally judge their performance in cities.MPA’s of the different region also interviewed, to take view about citizen issues. and arise questionnaire about education and health departments.Also interviewed of different institutes like college and schools to take view about issues like nepotism. Unfortunately, in every institute this fact is increases day to day. Due to this the education system of Pakistan lack whole over the world. And backward in competition in any field. Unemployment is the big reason of nepotism.

There are many engineers and high educated people in our country, but they have no job opportunities because vacancies are already filled in favoritism.. Scope. Covering different cities views. The past issues are analyzed and the patterns of resolving these issues is observed. Every person is falling in this Sindh and Baluchistan province, people has less options to do some work because there was no nepotism.

NEPOTISM KPK SINDH PUNJAB BALOCHISTANEducation 25-35% 20-30% ~50% 5-10%Health 40-50% 60-70% 60% 20%Politics ~30% 85% 84% 10-20%Employment 40% 60-70% 65-75% 20-30% 76200204152500Limitations:the aim of this research is to measure the impact of nepotism on education and politics in Pakistan. Our results are based on 300 floated questionnaires whereas in future sample size can be increased. Our targeted population was education sector from Pakistan but in future this study can be conducted in every sector of other developing and developed countries as well. DiscussionMethod of Study:Survey of citizen:Since the basic reason to conduct this report was taken views of every single person, that is why a questionnaire is designed that is efficient as possible to extract information from the citizen about the problems that is related to both in education and political section. The questionnaire consists of question that are related to their difficulties in both sections. The questionnaire is distributed to students especially those who are in their first or second year of study. It has been sure that where the nepotism alive or survive. It has also been made sure that all major metropolitan cities of Pakistan are covered in the research of data.

The questionnaire is distributed online by the help of the internet and other services so that the data can be handled efficiently and the sample of size of the observation is bigger as possible. And to check that where political nepotism is and will. Interview of MPA’s/Supervisor:To gain another perspective to the problem under investigation, MPA’s of different cities are interviewed to gain their insight on why the common man cannot stand for our right, or why the better government system cannot make.

Their answer was against the justice, that system of justice should be strict.Facts ; Figures:The nepotism in different provision vary,Years Punjab Sindh KPK Baluchistan2002-2012 80% 80% 60% 50%2012-2018/09 60% 85% 50% 30%2018/09-~ ~10% ~20% ~0% ~5%50014348FindingsFrom the above discussion. The discussion can be condensed into the following findings: There is a massive difference between communism and nepotism. Due to nepotism in education field, country will go towards decline economically.Single citizen can’t stand for our right because everywhere is nepotism.

Due to nepotism, a country can’t stand internationally in any of the competition.ConclusionFrom the data gathered and analyzed, it has been concluded that the source of the difficulties is only lack of education and lack of merits. The method of selected leader is unable to take new steps accurately. The method of assessment carried out by the government at various cities encourages the citizen to stand and think about our thoughts and searching the reasoning and logic behind it. This report concludes by recognizing that the method of selecting leader and employment is heavily flawed and need to reform as soon as possible to ensure that it will not be in the future. RecommendationsFrom the given data and the investigation of the problem, the report will suggest the following recommendation to rectify the problem under the investigation: Merits should be.

Education system must be conceptual.The method of selected employment should base on policies.The judicial system should be improved. Implementation on rules and regulation.Government needed to make new policies.Focus on power sector.

BibliographyJournal of Business and Management Research, 8 (2015) 224-228 p-ISSN: 2356-5756 / e-ISSN: 2356-5764 © Knowledge Journals www.knowledgejournals.comArasli. H, Tumer.

M (2008) “Nepotism, Favoritism and Cronyism: A study of their effects on job stress and job satisfaction in the banking industry of north Cyprus”, Social Behavior and Personality, 36(9), 1237-1250.Memon, G. R. (2007). Education in Pakistan: The key issues, problems and the new challenges.

Journal of Management and Social Sciences?, ?3?(1), 47-55. AppendicesQuestionnaire for survey QUESTIONNAIRE:Please help us in collecting data for our semester report.What is your name:5429257620666750245745Age:762000207645City:Nepotism in your city:Yesno9429751987550Reason:9144003371850Any solution: Interview Questions:For citizen:Are you happy with your society?Do you think that the government play well?Do you think Pakistan justice system is stable?Do you think provincial disharmony is big problem?The reason of instability in government system is nepotism?What can we do to decline the nepotism?For higher manager or MPA’s:Do you meet with citizen?Do you know the problem of single citizen?Do you think the education system of Pakistan is on merit?Do you implement on yours promises? Is nepotism can lead Pakistan internationally?160020011811000THE END


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