Remember does need money in their lives

Remember Jessie J’s Price Tag song that says they don’t need money to be happy? What about the old saying that says “Money can’t buy happiness”? If you are one of those believers of the quotes, please stay that way and live that way. In this way, you believe that the best things in life are free and that money cannot buy happiness. But not for me. As long as I know, the ones saying money cannot buy them happiness, work hard for money. Besides, in the book entitled “Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending”, Elizabeth Dunn argues that money can actually buy you a happiness. It is not about how much money and how many zero you have on your bank account, but how you spend the money you have. You know what I am saying? I am saying that everyone does need money in their lives whether they spend it for happiness purposes or not. The truth is that money is the king in our lives. However, if we cannot manage it well, it will manage our lives well. You can agree or disagree, but I will let you know that one of the source of my happiness is money. People who believe that money cannot buy them a happiness must have the wrong kinds of happiness or do not know how to spend them right for sure. But, money can buy me a lot of happiness because I know how to spend the money to fulfil my needs in order to be happy.
In this case, if I am given the chance to have one billion rupiah, I will spend those money to check the lists in my bucket list. Call me an old school for still having bucket list. But having bucket list makes me stay sane and always remember the goals I set when life gets difficult. So the first thing I do if I have 1 billion rupiah is to invest it by buying land in tourist attraction area like Kuta or Ubud. In those area, the price of land per m2 is crazy because it is very suitable place to go down in business since those places attract many domestic and foreign visitors. I would like to buy sufficient land in Kuta or Ubud and build an art shop which sells various arts we produced in Gianyar (Yes, I am a proud Gianyar citizen). It does not have to be a big one, because later after the art shop gains profit, I can upgrade in many aspects. Moreover, I have observed that an art shop business is profitable as long as the visitors keep coming to Bali. From my observation, so far, an art shop in Ubud earns about 100 until 300 million rupiah a day. I might not know business that much but I see the chance to get more money from it, so why not invest some? Furthermore, if the art shop is built, I will give it to my parents. They can manage it when they retire from their current jobs. Did I say that money is the source of my happiness? Well, money is the second source, by the way. The number one source is my happiness is when my parents are happy. I mean who does not think the same? By giving it to my parents, they will not have to worry about earning money after retirement. They can use and spend the money earns from the art shop to have their routines medical check, their old age fees, etc. The purpose is not being rich, but to have them less worry and be happy in their old ages.

Another list I want to check in my bucket list is travelling. I will spend the rest of the money I have to travel with my family, for sure, and my lover, maybe. Most people assume that it is wiser to spend the money on materials like phone, cars, bikes, etc. For example if you spend 15 million rupiah on the newest and the most sophisticated smartphone today, you still get to have the smartphone next day and the day after, and the next day of the day after. But if you spend those 15 million rupiah on vacation, the next day you will have nothing concrete like material. See the difference? People tend to believe if they buy material or physical things, they will be happier since material lasts longer, but I guarantee the happiness of owning those physical things will fade for we get used to own that material. My point is the happiness in buying material or physical things will fade sooner or later, but if the money is spent on experiencing a great time with family and friends, it will stays in our memory for a long time. It will cause jolt of joy every time you think back on those great time you experienced. Experience may not last as long as material things do, but the happiness caused by experiencing a great time with family and friends lasts longer. That is why I want to explore parts of the earth that I have not been before, along with my family. I think it will worth the price since I am sure that I will have best memory and story to brag about later in the future.

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Actually, I have some more lists I want to check in my bucket list, but that is for another story. Because building an art shop in Ubud or Kuta itself will drain out the one billion rupiah. But that is the main intention, to invest. When the investment gains profit, it will add the zero on my bank account, which is surely makes me happy, since I can give a checklist to my other lists in the bucket list.


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