Religious this report is based on different ideas

Religious freedomBy – Mihisha Ranatunga.

Contents                                                                                                                      page no- Introduction                                                                                                3Background                                                                                                 4Analysis;What is the social significance?                                        5-6Different opinions of people Conclusion                                                                                                    7 Reference list                                                                                                 8IntroductionThis report is made on the topic based on religious freedom. For many people in the world there are few things precious than freedom. The power to live as one one of the biggest advantage of being a human. Using freedom in the right way is also one of the biggest responsibilities of it. Religious freedom is similar to this .

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basically Religious freedom is the notion that people of religion can freely partake of the practices of their religion without opposition. Religious freedom is a basic human right that lets u practice any religion whenever you want. It’s not just religious freedom it’s deeper than we think. Religious freedom is the human right to think, act upon and express what one deeply believes in. this report is based on different ideas of different people . due to these reasons religious freedom has become a major topic around the world.Background Religious freedom is a right we all have.

We can choose what religion we want to practice and what not to. Still they’re many people who are fighting for their freedom to practice their religion. they’re struggling due to the fact their religion is illegal to practice in certain countries.

Due to violation of another religion. In afganistan islam is considered to be the main religion and other religions and their activities could be done under government law and in china religious activities are controlled by the government . in france their freedom to perform any religious activity is legal more than 100 years ago.

If you observe closely this problem is faced by the second and third world countries .


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