relevant must be carefully managed from beginning

relevant stakeholders are the groups or individual who will make the organization impact decision and who will be influential in the success of your change plans. You need to understand who your stakeholders are. It is critical to seek to understand what your stakeholders desire both spoken and unspoken. The expectations must be carefully managed from beginning to end. Once they have approved the the said changes this should be communicated in several forms in customer based.

this can be done by posting letters and send emails on the main page of the website. For example, the telecommunication and digital service in the Philippines. Before, we all know that they are networks for communication which is text and calls only. Customers have complained about the cutting and extract loads by using it in internet and not getting a faster solution. So these companies made a steps to improve and make a solutions. So they’ve improved and made changes in their companies. They have became telecommunication and wireless communication. Wifi is technology for radio wireless local area networking of devices based on the IEEE 802.

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11 standards. This has been a good result. This is a very positive step that the other companies have followed. Introduce and ventilate the vision to relevant stakeholders, explaining how everyone will benefit from it. Not only customers who’s benefited but also the company that made the plan and development.


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