REIT terms of both market capitalisation and number

REIT is a legal entity created under specific regulation, its a simplest form to own and actively manage a portfolio of income producing commercial real estate (Newell, 2012).Another country, Japan and the United Kingdom (U.K.) it surprising to note that mature and developed markets recent innovation in many financial markets from the Asia and European regions and has over half a century of history in the United States (U.

S.) about Real estate investment trust (REIT) (Stevenson, 2013REITs comes up with the Some benefits include increasing liquidity in a traditionally illiquid real estate market (Newell, 2012), other than that more diverdification into a mixed asset portfolio and the information transparency in real estate market.The significant milestone market in year of 2015 for Malaysian REIT (M-REIT) as it marks the first decade of its existence. Since the first M-REIT is Axis REIT, in August 2005, the market has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of both market capitalisation and number of listed REITs. M-REITs are total market capitalisations of have experienced phenomenal growth from a mere RM1.8 billion in end 2005 to a considerable size of RM33.2 billion by 31 December 2013 which is close to 20 folds increase.).

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year 2003, Annual Report by Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) has noted that M-REIT market has matured over the years particularly in the period post-Global Financial Crisis 2008and 2009. . In order the market growth momentum of the M-REIT, it is attractive to produce more research works which are comparable to the extant REIT literature (e.g. Clayton and MacKinnon, 2003; He et al., 2003; Allen et al., 2000) and cause of that to create a higher quality, high informational and conducive market environment for REITs to continue to flourish in Malaysia


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