Refrigeration: store and shopping patterns using notion

Refrigeration:According to The Coca, Cola. refrigeration is a major cause of greenhouse gas emmisions in a business. Therefore the company has invented and are licencing use of an “Energy Mangement device” for their coolers. This device is “smart” in the sense that it leans from store and shopping patterns using notion detectors and switches in the door. Doing so has improved efficiency of cooling equipment by 40%.

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It is to be noted that coca-cola company only buys refrigeration equipment from HFC free insulation. In 2014 they installed over 1 million HFC free cooler worldwide as it tries to reach its goal to make the percentage of HFC free refrigirators to 100%. To make the entire world a better place the Coca-Cola’s (U.K) chairman and CEO Muhtar Kent with support of Greenpeace International made consumer goods form to adopt a broader initiative against the use of refrigerant gases with high global warming potential. Thanks to the commitment of Coca-cola to remove the use of HFC in their euipemtns carbon emmison reduction will exceed 52.5 million tons over the lifespan of the equipemtn which is equivalent to eliminating green house from 11 million cars of the road for one year.


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