Reform, after the assassination of Kennedy, the people

Reform, Rebellion, and ReactionStudent’s nameInstitutionThe years between 1960 and 1974 serve as a symbol of the greatest efforts made in order to make peace with America’s promise and its events and concepts are related to the current world in many ways and some of the events and concepts and their relations are discussed below.The need to serve the common good for the people casting off complacency and self-indulgence was upheld. The history has it that John F. Kennedy pushed poverty to the national agenda. He might have failed to redeem the campaign promises but his main focus remained to expand the welfare state.

Today, the legislation that was practiced still serves as a solution to unemployment cases as many countries have copied the renewal of the urban programs CITATION Jam12 l 1033 (James L. Roark, 2012). The civil rights act of 1964 and the economic opportunity act of ten programs ensured the stability security of the nation. Just after the assassination of Kennedy, the people were going through hard times, therefore Johnson stood firm to see through better policy making where he organized programs like Community Action Program in order to help poor people participate in anti-poverty programs. This act was successful in that he was able to control the neighbors and also help the people recover the trauma. In today’s world, many leaders tend to come up with similar programs in order to control and be able to be in control no matter what the people are going through. Johnson came with this idea of ushering a great society with the passing of new laws. His main target was the most depressed areas where the general economy had gone down CITATION Lau142 l 1033 (Hillenbrand, 2014).

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He made the first economic opportunity act as a first action in the war against poverty. He stimulated economic growth and provided jobs through the building of roads and other public programs. He implemented other many acts that saw America expand liberalism. All these resulted in the growing of America to be a superpower nation that today all the world look up ranging from employment to civil rights and law implementation that the whole world looks up to. The feminism effect led to a high increase in women employment and in turn a reduction of barriers to male jobs in offices CITATION Geo16 l 1033 (George Brown Tindall, 2016). In the 1970s the feminism activism produced the most changes in laws and till the world today still fights for the right of women and also calls for equal rights and freedom from discrimination worldwide.

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