Reflective in terms of writing was a life

Reflective EssayMenatalla MohamedAmerican University of SharjahReflective Essay”Tell me and I forget.

Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”. -Benjamin Franklin. You learn and gain a lot of knowledge from the experiences that you go through in life, from books, relationships, school and it is not something that you ever stop gaining. It is a continuous journey that requires determination and a lot of effort. However, it is our passion for learning that keeps us going and helps us come up with new ideas.

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During my time in this semester I have faced many troubles in writing however, I was able to improve my research skills, writing skills and my essay writings.One of the aspects that I have improved in writing class this semester was my research skills. When I was given a topic or something that requires reading and doing research I would find it difficult to look for information online related to my topic. On my first essay, I found it difficult to establish what points were important and what points were not. However, with the second essay I got a better understanding of what I wanted and should include in my essay and how to distinguish the important points in an article related to the topic.

Another aspect that I improved in during this semester is my writing skills. The transition from high school to university in terms of writing was a life changing experience. I have come to know that almost half of the things I learnt at school were kind of useless and not advanced or helpful for university level which meant that I had to drastically work on my writing skills and that is why I ended up in preparatory writing class (001).In this semester I was also able to get better at writing my essays. When I began with the first essay that we were assigned to do, I did not know what to expect or how will the essay be graded but when I saw my grade, the rubric and the mistakes I knew what I had to do to get better. For my second essay I made sure to read the feedback that the professor left on my first essay so that I don’t make the same mistakes which helped me understand and improve my sentence and paragraph structure and double check if there are any grammatical mistakes.

I like writing, I like to express my feelings into words, to write about my day, ideas and about interesting topics. I wasn’t that interested in writing back in high school but I very much am at university. I find the topics more interesting and more mentally stimulating, makes me think more and get creative. It is a good thing too because as a learner, I have gained so much information this semester and I have improved as a writer. I enhanced my research skills, writing skills and my essay writings.

Nevertheless, there is a lot more to for me to learn and to improve even more as a writer.


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