Reflective an inspiration and hope for others

Reflective EssayThere is always a story to tell when you are working towards you target dream job. It could be an inspiration and hope for others and it would be a good contribution to the society. I am aware of that I will need lots of hard work and life is about learning and growing beyond my thoughts to achieve my dream. My dream job is to be a Cafe Manager. New Zealand is the best place to run and open a business specially in café business.

Every year, there are lots of job vacancies come up for the managerial position. Recently, I come to know about a job advertisement on seek for Managerial position at Columbus coffee in Christchurch. Since I am from a different field, there are few aspects that I need to improve and utilise my positive part of me.

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A Diploma in Hotel Management or equivalent would be beneficial. Columbus coffee looking for a manager, who can make sound decisions, problem-solving and oversee the hotel operation in the absence of the General Manager. Moreover, a person with strong organisational and time management skills will be the best match to this job. Also, one must have a good understanding of OPERA and Microsoft Suite.As dealing with new international exposure, studying and trying to get a dream job, I have got some possessions, strengths I believe. I am a goal-oriented person, who like to achieve pre-set goals using all my capabilities. Also, I am competitive. so, in all situations, in which I must go through, try myself to be positive and pro-active.

Additionally, I am a team player. Whenever working in a team, I always show my genuine commitment. And be flexible.Yet no matter how people do well, we all have some own drawbacks.

Mine followings; emotions, speak in front of public and financial understanding, it is hard in some occasions to control your emotions. Sometimes, I face some hardships in maintaining my financials and controlling my emotion because whenever I am easily upset or disappointed by some unimportant events. Spending money on unwanted items or buying very expensive product which are not required by the time is another thing which I feel hard on it. In these days good communication skill is essential requirement for every single job.

According to me even though I am afraid of speaking in front of public, I still should overcome of it.


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