Reflection Rinehart discussed how violence playedan important

Reflection 4In this week’s scholar commentary, Dr. Robert Rinehart discussed how violence playedan important role in his youth. Before his parents divorced when he was 12, he and his familymembers were constantly abused by his father, both physically and mentally, and the violentbehavior was somewhat normalized. His father was egocentric and focused on material stuff,while his mother was being practical and balanced his father’s perverse world view. He arguedthat society has a significant impact on young males’ mental development. The society teachesmales to suppress emotions and limit their ways of being who they genuinely want to be. He wasgrateful for her breaking these gender stereotypes and taught him to explore his expressive side.I find my childhood related to his story because my father was also raised in an abusivefamily, and was determined to prevent the same tragedy from happening on me. When my fatherwas young, my grandfather was always drunk and would randomly beat up someone in hisfamily. Even when my father was forced to go to work at the age of 15, my grandfather would goto his workplace and ask for money. My father escaped from his family with little money after Iwas born because my parents did not want this abusive behavior from my grandfather to haveany negative influence on me. I am grateful for their braveness and determination to protect me,and they always encourage me to explore my interests and who I really want to be.


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