Referent with someone who is within the jurisdiction,

Referent power is power that is a resultant of the personality of a person. Relationships formed by a person in an organization with colleagues in the public sector. In addition, the charisma that one can present himself to others results in a certain level of respect and understanding towards that person. Referent power can also be a result of closely knowing senior people in the organization or those who are at a position of leadership and authority of any kind. It comes from the interpersonal relationships that someone cultivates with others in the organization and in good relationships with someone who is within the jurisdiction, especially authoritative references with others in a strong organization.

People who have the power of reference in a field that feels when others respect and like them. Referent power arises from charisma, as the charismatic person influences others via the admiration, respect and trust others have for her managing something. Referent power is also derived from personal connections that a person has with key people in the organization’s hierarchy. For example, as the CEO. It’s the perception of the personal relationships that she has that generates her power over others. In conclusion, referent power is power very important in public sector especially in Malaysian.

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