“Reality did make my life just a little easier:

“Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.” For most, this quote may not be true, but for me, this quote seems to describe my life perfectly. In my family, it was totally normal for your dreams to become a reality, in fact, because of this we don’t really believe in a set reality. Ever since that petty Poseidon cursed my family with reality warping we have been the cause of many… unfortunate events. If we have nightmares, dreams, or even a silly little thought about life, our world would completely turn around.  Reality warping may be cool, but it is a curse and definitely not a blessing.I never asked for this superpower, but it does come in handy sometimes. It never seemed too bad to be able to change the dull reality and make life more interesting and better for me and others. Reality warping did make my life just a little easier: no need to do homework, no need to study, or even to fear anything because I could always change the outcome into something more favorable. My family always told me to look on the positive side of this curse, and it was very easy to do so. I guess this was just one of those delightful dilemmas. I have used this ability so much now that I don’t remember any time in my life when reality warping wasn’t the answer. Even now I use it to serve others in my job as a doctor if someone has cancer, poof, not anymore. I also use this power to get the small victories in life, like if the grocery store doesn’t have my favorite flavor of ice cream I would change that. The simple facts can also be changed, like how humans can’t fly, I could just change the reality of that and travel to different places faster and easier. With reality warping anything is possible.Even though Poseidon gave my family this “gift” he never gave us the accessories to go along with it. We had to figure it out on our own. After realizing what danger this power could get us into we realized that we needed a helmet to wear at night, a belt, and a special watch-like gadget. We need the helmet at night to stop us from dreaming, dreams can be very dangerous in our family because we have no control over when or where we might change the reality that we are living in. The belt would help us to stay in physical form since we would have to pass through the space-time continuum if we wanted to change the reality of the time period we were living in or the reality of a certain consequence due to an action. Finally, we would need a watch like a gadget to help us know in case we travel through time when, where, and what dream/desire took us there. All of these accessories help to control our power without controlling our life.As I stated with so much power comes so much danger. There are many different outcomes to one wish or dream. Like that famous quote “Be careful what you wish for,” in the past, we have changed the reality to something more pleasant but that just ended up making things worse. This can be dangerous along with things like getting stuck in the space-time continuum and having symptoms depending on how much or on what scale I use my power. There is also the danger of not knowing when or where this power will be put to the test. This is what makes reality warping a curse because of the constant fear that it was given to us with.Even though using this superpower might do more harm than good I would be tempted to do many things with it. Every day I have to tell or convince myself to actually do the work at school, instead of changing the reality after I get the results to a grade that is pleasing. I also feel tempted to not have to do the work at all by changing the reality to make my family wealthy and live on an island somewhere. There is also the temptation of making other people’s lives have a little karma in them. If someone punches someone, then that person might get a little slap in the face when walking home. With all of the temptations, drawbacks, and abilities that come with reality warping I am starting to wonder if this is really worth it. Being able to change what is already given to you is a skill that I would rather live without. “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.” For most this quote is true and I wish that it was true for me too.


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