REAL- graduate earn more than their counter parts

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Every individual has his or her own opinion when it comes higher education. Nevertheless, many of them have come to a conclusion following the many benefits that accompany the completion of the course under study and upon obtaining the highly required piece of paper. The paper is just a validation of the years spent of late night studies and he challenges of academic stress. However the question everyone asks is whether higher education is really worth of all the stuggles and whether it does matter. This research highlighted the benefits of obtaining higher education as discussed below.

There is a promised future when it will come to financial security and a promised profession upon completion of higher education. According to a report by College Board’s Education 2013, it cleary states that individuals with higher education are top earners compared to the ones not achieved the same milestone. The same report suggests that the employees passed through universities and colleges and did graduate earn more than their counter parts yet to be employed. This clearly shows without debate that as one obtains higher education he or she has more chances and oppouttunities in the job field.

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Obtaining higher education also provides knowledge to live health life styles where being more educated opens up mind, provides a wide range of cognitive skills which allows one to make wise decisions in regard to health, healthcare and also management of medical care. This was shown by an article which suggested that attainment of higher education has been connected to hgood health behavior with the consumption of fruits and vegetables, taking of regular physical exercises and being educated on refraining from excess consumption of alcohol. This in turn improves the health of an individual.

Obtaining higher education ensures a health environment that is enabling people to adopt and maintain security since it is associated with high paying job incomes which enable them live in a place of minimal crimes and a place of recreational activities. As a result long life free from too much stress is ensured. It has also been suggested that individuals with higher education come together, contribute and participate fully to matters of the society. They offer themselves to help in voluntary services to the needy, the orphans by providing shelter and food and clothing sine they are aware civic responsibilities and the government and its policies and they can offer help anytime.
In conclusion, obtaining higher education has many benefits to both an induvial and the society at large. The believe build around successful people and most respected is around graduates has research suggests. It was also noted that 65% of successful people are from those that obtained higher education from higher institutions and so considered the best option.


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