Reading interesting later.” 2- Always read one book

Reading isnot only the opportunity to learn new things but it also changes our lives. Readingmore books, helps us to reduce anxiety, stress and improve brain functioning.  Many CEOs reads on average 4-5 books a moth,so about 60 books a year. May be their success is related to reading morebooks. It improves your quality of your life and helps you to take rightdecisions. Let’s see how you can read more than more than 30 books a year-1-   Learn to read quickly·       Youcan read fast and effectively if you develop these skills stop reading “aimlessly”, just because it’s “fashionable”or nothing to do.

 ·       Beforereading “ask”, yourself, preliminarily formulate the purpose ofreading·       Stopbeing afraid to leave a book that “did not go”: it turned out to beuninteresting or difficult to perceive. Read every book you started. May be “it will be easier and more interesting later.” 2-   Always read one book at a timeReading one book at a time helps you to finish it early andyour mind don’t have to switch between the books.

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You lose focus if try to readmany books at a time, so finish one book and then start a new one.3-   Make a schedule Reading more books canbe facilitated by the fact that you simply allocate more time for them. Atimetable for your main tasks can be the most productive way to achieve thegoal. And it works not only with reading, you can also spend more timelearning a foreign language or perfecting some kind of skill. Making a scheduleis easy to do in 15-30 minutes in the morning before the start of the workingday or at lunch time.4-   Listen to audio booksIf you want to read more books, do you have to read at all? No!You can also to audio books where someone will read them for you outloud. The positive thing about audio books is that you can deal withseveral things at once, including in car, playing sports or working.

5-   Use technologyDespite the fact that there is a limit to the speed at whichwe are able to learn to read, technology can help us speed up the process. Thereare many apps and websites which allow you to read online, it gets easier you don’thave to carry book everywhere you go. There are many apps which tell you the shortstory about the book so that you can decide whether to buy it or not.6-   Make a list of books you want to readYou should have clear idea about what you want to read. If youhave no clear idea about what you want to learn then it would create problemsfor you, you will just waste your time, switching between the books.   


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