Rational two are present (2017). By reading all


The articles that i have chosen for my IDL presentation are about the social media. I picked these articles because I thought the topic social media would been a interesting topic. Nowadays, social media like Facebook, Instagram, mobile apps, Twitter and others becomes more popular for the people. Teens today are the first generation that cannot imagine life without the social media or internet. Many researchers have found that the use of social media have both advantages and disadvantages. Social media become a huge concerning parts not only for a country but for entire world. All the people have different views towards the social media, some people think it is beneficial and some think it is not good. The connection between the three articles are about social media play keen role for teen and effect of social networking. For instance, one of the article talks about the benefits of social networking and other two articles talks about the effect of social media on teen. As well as i picked one article of past( 2009) and other two are present (2017). By reading all 3 articles i also concludes that people opinion about social media is slightly change as compared to past and present. This would be an interesting topic to present for my IDL, so that we can have interesting debate about the pro and con of social media as well as how the people’s view for social media changed before and now.

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