Qus1) Censure: – The censured is not

Qus1) Explain the Following commonmeeting terms:Ans. Agenda: – This is the plan in whichwe discussed at the menu and in what order. Basically it is used outlineprocess to discuss the main topics in business meetings.Minutes: – Minutes are the formal notes we also called official notes. They are mustbe accurate and record for the purpose of discussion and decide at the time ofmeeting.Chairperson/Chair: – Chairperson musthave skills of management committee functions and properly participate into themeeting. He the responsible that all the points should be covered and theeffective decisions are made and implement according to that.Secretary: – The role of secretary isto support the chairperson to conduct the meeting with smooth process.

TheSecretary is the responsible for organize the meeting; maintain records of themeeting and administration.Time Keeper: – The role of Timekeeperis to conduct the meeting on time and take care all the topics will bediscussed as per given time in agenda.Casting Vote: – The caste vote isterm in which committee members has given equal numbers of vote for and againsta proposal. In meeting when chairperson want to take decision he or she willadopt caste vote system where each participants will give a vote either infavour or in against.Censure: – The censured is notreferred by a name in the motion but simply we called “ThePresident”. A censure indicates the assembly’s disapproval of yourconduct.

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Quorum: – It is the minimum number ofmembers of an assembly that must be present at any of its meetings to make theproceedings of that meeting valid. Proxy: – It is substitute means proxyvote is a ballot cast by one person on behalf of another. One of the benefitsof being a shareholder is the right to vote on certain corporate matters.  Qus2) Describe at least two factorsrelated to meeting structures and arrangements that help to ensure productivemeetings.Ans.

 The two factors related to meeting structuresand arrangements that help to ensure productive meetings are as given below: 1)      Types of meetings to beheld (Web conference or video conferencing)2)      Who will attend themeeting (Participants)Web conferencing: – In thisconference we interact with staff via computer or laptop. All the staff arelocated at remote locations and they are connected with help of internet. Thisis the excellent path to connect the remote location staff and get updateregularly.The relevant participants are mustfor the meetings because they are directly relate and having deep interest inthe discussed topics.

Qus3) Outline the process required toplan and arrange for a project team meeting where some of the team members arelocated in different states.Ans. We plan a Web conference because we have low budget and some of projectteam is located in different states so according to that we plan a meeting. Ihave plan and set of tactics that we used to set the type of meeting. 1) Make a budget to conduct themeeting.

2) Purpose of the meeting.3) Availability of the participants.4) Time frame of meetings.5) Arrange Web conference equipment6) Make Agenda and Meeting Minutes. 7) Distribute to the participants 7days before of meeting held.8) Acknowledge the availability ofparticipants9) discuss any doubts regardingmeeting agenda (if any)Qus4) Give an example when aface-to-face meeting is the most suitable option and explain why?Ans.

 Interview is the most suitable option for face-to-face meeting becauseof many reasons which are as given below:1)     Body language is communication2)     Ensures Engagement3)     Drives participation4)     Clarifies Meaning5)     More efficient6)     More Presentable7)     It increase the trust and empathize8)     It makes easy to focus9)     It feels as personal touch


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