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Quick, affordable, and informal, mediation provides an enticing alternative to litigation divorce. That doesn’t make it the right solution for every couple. From abusive relationships to neglectful parenting, a variety of circumstances can make mediation a nightmare. Consider opting for collaboration or litigation instead, if one of these factors applies to your situation:Your Spouse Is AbusiveIf you are on the wrong side of a relationship power imbalance, avoid mediation at all costs.

Without legal representation, you’re liable to cave to your ex’s unreasonable demands. As a participant in mediation, you can only consult with an attorney on the side. You need representation from a strong lawyer who isn’t afraid to fight for your best interests.You Struggle to Advocate For YourselfEven in non-abusive marriages, one spouse often plays a submissive role. If this represents your role in the relationship, you’ll struggle to accomplish your goals in mediation. You may benefit from collaboration — a middle ground involving strong attorney advocacy outside of court.Your Spouse Is a Negligent ParentMediation negotiations often end in split custody or generous visitation time.

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If your ex’s poor parenting record makes the mere thought of joint custody abhorrent, prepare for a litigation divorce. There’s no room for compromise when your family’s safety is at stake.Your Spouse Is Dead-Set On Hurting YouDivorcees driven by pure emotion struggle to keep their cool in mediation. To succeed during this process, ex-spouses should genuinely desire a mutually beneficial outcome. If your spouse seeks to undermine you at every turn, you’re better off settling your divorce in court.No matter your preferred approach to divorce, you can count on the Brown Law Offices for quality counsel.

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