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Question 1The organization is aspecialty facility which handles special medical cases for children only. Theorganization is located in a serene environment which is best for recoveringchildren and also offers a children’s playground. The organization structurecomprises of a president, the executive team and a board of trustees, employeesand volunteers who embody the hospital’s values in every interaction withpatients, their families and all other stakeholders. Formal and informal goalsinclude building connections across the continuum of care that enhance chronicdisease management and care transitions, such as improved coordination amongprimary care, hospitalization and post-hospital care. Additionally, theorganization is seeking to engage and incentivize patients to take healthcareout of the exam room. The organization Processes include admission, EmergencyRoom Operations, Medication, Supply of Drugs and discharge. Question 2Aside from the effecton the organization, a bad working atmosphere can have a significant effect onindividual nurses.

Several studies have found that poor working conditions cancause long-term health complications including stress, depression and anxiety.On the other hand, a good work environment has a lot of positive effects on notonly the welfare of the individual nurse, but on the organizations’ bottomline. If nurses are happy with where they operate and the environment they walkinto each day, they have been proven to be more productive and make fewermistakes.  Question 3Nurses can enhanceexpertise by enrolling for further studies. Different certifications andprograms impart skills and prepare nurses for careers in diverse fields such ashealth administration clinical research and advanced clinical practice.Additionally, these programs allow a nurse tospecialize in a particular field such as an area of advanced clinical trainingor research.

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Question 4Shared governance isa model of nursing practice built to incorporate core values and beliefs thatprofessional practice embraces, as a means of realizing quality care. Inthe shared-governance model, decisions of consequence are formulated by teamsthat include staff nurses whose skills can testify to which processes areworking and which can use an overhaul. Shared governance can affect the powerstructure since slows decision-making becausethere are more individuals involved than the traditional hierarchy.Question 5It’s important fornurses to understand the culture and goals of an organization since theseWorkplace values drive the attitudes and behaviors that the management want tosee within a given team. My ideal organization is a children’s hospital whichconsists of both inpatient and outpatient services which include diagnosis suchas lab tests, surgery both minor and major, treatment and rehabilitation andthis is majorly physical therapy. Practices that empowered nurses includeInvolve Nurses in Leadership, Commit to Positive Communication and Setting upMutual Understanding.

Because of the high stressnature of staff nursing, motivation and support and proactive work environmentimprovement policies are very important to retain qualified nurses. During mylast visit to a hospital I was amused by the level of cleanliness at theorganization as well as swift service delivery. I was comfortable and this isbecause of their welcoming employees at the reception.

  The only changes that I would make at theorganization are mostly minor modifications to the furniture at the reception. Expensivechanges would involve replacement of all seats and chairs with comfortablecouches that would thousands of dollars. However, low cost changes wouldinvolve rethinking furniture arrangements to overhaul the reception withoutspending a lot of money. A good first impression is important for a hospitalsince hospitals serves different people who need safety, comfort and security.  


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