Question sexual talks with your fellow colleagues

Question 2Sexual misconduct in schoolIntroductionSouth Africa is one of the most violet societies in the world.

In 2015, internationally, South Africa was ranked 147th out 162 countries for having the worst levels of what is called by societal safety and security.Sexual misconduct is always affect an induvial without his/her consent or where the power dynamics of the relationship are being challenged in an effort to redefine the nature or forms of consent necessary in a given circumstances.TYPES Verbal sexual misconductRefer to display personal judgement on someone based on their physical appearance or try to share jokes that are sex related without the permission of the third party.Also wanting to have sexual talks with your fellow colleagues at workplace without their interest to be part of the conversation.Physical sexual misconduct Touching body part (such as breast) without the interest of that person.

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According to human Rights (grabbing, rubbing, flashing or mooning, touching, pinching) in a sexual way.Educator is not allowed to display sexual touches on a learner whether that learners is a male/female there must be limitation regarding physical interaction.Visual sexual misconduct It occur as a results of display sexual pictures to others through electronic devices or physically CASES The Gauteng department of education was investing the circumstances surrounding serious allegations of sexual assault against a teacher involving about nine pupils at Kodumela primary school.

I think that educator need to be expel with immediate effect because he don’t promote interest of learners but his personal interest by been sexually involved with learners.On the 14th October 2017 in Johannesburg senior management, including the principal, have been removed from a school in Soweto following sexual assault allegation on pupils. Good punishment from the department of education and this will serve as example to those who will be found guilty of sexual misconduct. On the 26th January 2018 in Johannesburg a school principal in a compromised position with learners in his office, According to the department of education. The department need to ensure that those who increase the percentage of sexual misconduct in school get maximum punishment.PREVENTIONSGETTING PROTECTION ORDERIf an individual continues displays sexual misconduct cards then the affected person can apply for protection order from south African Police service ( SAPS),it’s unconstitutional for a learner to be sexual abused by the teacher according to south African school act .

REPORT TO THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION A person who has been abused by an ordinary teacher should report the matter to the principal of the school, if the principal is the perpetrator of the abuse then decide not to forward the matter to the department then induvial can write the letter to the department informing them about the incident occurred.COUNSELLINGPeople who has been victims of sexual harassment need to get counselling because the incident will impact their activeness, sleep routine, experience school refusal, depression. Department of education has task team that provide counselling to schools for incidents that may affect effective teaching and learning to takes place.

A victim might be in high risk of committing suicide or experiencing suicidal thoughts and the prevention of such can be sufficient provision of counselling.MOVING A learner who was been abused can request permission from the department of education to change school. It will be for the good interest for a learner/affected person change the environment otherwise it can cause emotional distress whenever that person is facing that situation.This will help a person on hand to move on with his/her life, continue studying and function optimal which is a good for the health.CONCLUSION Based on my perspective the department is fail to promote the public interest, in each and every day a learner has been sexually abused by his/her teacher and as teacher we know that SACE stipulate that an educator must be a parent to his learners ” healthy relationship between a learner and educator “. There must be more effective punishment for those who found guilty of misconduct and South African justice system together with South African teacher council can achieve free percentage of sexual misconduct.

Most upcoming youth are discourage to peruse teaching because of incident like this and the minister of basic education need to implement strategies that will reduce high rate of sexual misconduct in schools.


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