QUESTION 1 The Rules of Survival” by Laurence Gonzales The manner which text was introduced An anecdote refers to a short story based on personal experience or real events/people

The Rules of Survival” by Laurence Gonzales
The manner which text was introduced
An anecdote refers to a short story based on personal experience or real events/people. The author used an anecdote in his introduction, because he used pronoun “I” to indicate about things he has personally observed while he was journalist, furthermore his introduction is based on objective language “I found an eerie uniformity in the way people survive seemingly impossible circumstance” which is facts not opinion and also he used generic “Decades and sometimes Centuries apart” to refer to general things not specific thing. He also used statistics “thousands of years” to refer to an historical period in Native Americans.

Summary of the steps of survival
According to his essay “The Rules of Survival” from Deep Survival by Laurence Gonzales. Survivors recognize, acknowledge, and even admit the truth of their condition. They appreciate at a deep stage about being cool furthermore keep their sense of humour and hence calm. They strategize, set up small, controllable duties additionally take action with the hope of achievement. They are bold and cautious while carrying out duties and take joy in completing duties. They are grateful to be alive furthermore sing or play to refresh their brain. They also learn to fight although situation seems impossible to conquer, furthermore be determined. They allow nothing to break their spirit but keep their spirits up. Gonzales started his essay from (273) and ended to (275).

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Aaron Ralston
He is a hiker
He has faced the challenges of the stone that on his hand which has trapped him in a slot in Utah.

He had to cut his hand to free himself from a stone.
Lance Armstrong
He is a six-time winner of the Tour de France.

The survivor’s challenge was that he was battling cancer and woke up from brain surgery for his cancer.

He put himself on a training schedule, and also formed a team from among friends, family, and doctors to support his efforts.
Lauren Elder
She is the only survivor of a light plane crash in sierra.

The survivor’s challenge was that she was struggling to walk where she crawled by doing kind of sideways spider walk.

She moved forward by crawling and punching throat with her hands and feet so that he can balance.

Viktor Frankl
He is Antoine Saint Exupery
The survivor’s challenge was that he starving and thirsty because of no food and water in desert.
He planned to discover a place where he can some food and water.

Dougal Robertson
He is a sallor who was cast away at sea for thirty-eight days.

The survivor’s challenges was that during night was feeling cold and also was starving because there is no food.

He tried to get hold of boulders, and amid those builders that he cannot sink with his boat.

The targeted reader
Those people who encounter tough situation.

They should always keep calm in time of trouble, furthermore a real survivors should not be scared or to be under control of fear. Although they are in danger they should know or try to get a way of getting yourself out of it.

Two things survivors have in common
Aaron Ralston and Lauren Elder both have one thing in common which is broken hand.

Viktor Frankl and Dougal Robertson have one thing common which both stuck on place where there is no food.

Type of threats
Aaron Ralston and Lauren Elder
Aaron Ralston’s story is similar to Lauren Elder’s story in that their hands were broken. Although Aaron Ralston is had lost his hand by cutting it, however Lauren Elder her hand were broken but never lost it unlike Aaron Ralston. Aaron Ralston overcame his problem by cutting of his hand to relieve himself against stone, whereas Lauren Elder crawled that she can balance herself on the ice crust by punching thought it with her hands and feeds.

Viktor Frankl and Dougal Robertson
Vicktor frankl’s story is similar to Dough Robertson’s story in that they were stuck in place that there is no foods, shelter. However vicktor frankl was stuck on desert where there is no food, what ,even though Dougal Robertson stuck where there is no food but water only unlike Viktor Frankl. Viktor Frankl overcame his challenges by trying to save his wife by searching for water and foods whereas Sougal Robertson tried to get hold of stone in the water so that he can sit between two stone.


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