Q1.What important role in communication .The word


What is the role of ethics in communication ? Discuss its significance and dilemmas in detail.Solution:First of all , ethical communication is the set of moral and essential values in human life that help him/her to choose the rightness and wrongness of certain actions. Most important thing is that by this we can differentiate the goodness and badness of the actions.Ethics plays an important role in communication .

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The word “ethics” consist of the entire spectrum of human conduct:1. Colleagues2. Staff and workers3. Shareholders4. customers 5. community6.

government7. The environment and even8. The nation and its interestSignificance of ethics in communicationEthics are the moral values that guide the person’s moral behavior and helps to determine the right path to achieve the success. Respect is very important in everyday meeting. If the person wants to communicate ethically needs to be very gentle and polite while responding to the message.

Ethical dilemma in communication1. Secrecy2. Whistle – blowing3. Leaks4. Rumour and gossip5. Lying6.

AmbiguityQ.2 write a leave application to the head of department explaining the reason of your absence in first mid semester test.Solution:To,Mr.

x y zHead of departmentChandigarhDate: 12th Oct 2018From,Yogesh KathuriaChandigarh universitySubject:- Absence in first mid semester testDear sirI would like to bring your mind attention that I am not able to attend the mid semester test this time, because there was an emergency and I need to be with my family at that point of time . On 10th Oct there was my parent’s anniversary and I need to make this anniversary special for them. This is the reason why I am not able to attend the mid semester test. I would be really thankful to you if you understand my situation and for next time I will practice that no semester test should be leave by me.Yours faithfullyYogesh kathuria Q3. As Mr. Jacob , the public Relations officer of Artex Infotech Pvt.

Ltd you have been asked to draft a memo to be sent to all branch heads for your company’s annual conference . Include the following information: venue, time, date and theme of the conference. Solution:Artex Infotech Pvt. LtdWZ-1006,DELHIMEMORANDUMTO: branch headsFROM: Mr. Jacob DATE: 12th Oct 2018SUBJECT: company’s annual conferenceOn 13th Oct 2018 there will be an company annual conference at the main office at Laxmi Nagar and the reporting time at conference will be 10:00 am . Most importantly there is a condition that all of you who are willing to attend the conference please wear the formal dress with the coat & tie.

Mr. Jacob wants to talk about the serious discussion that how can we become more friendly with the people and share some business ideas.Mr. JacobPublic Relation OfficerArtex Infotech Pvt.



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