Q. type of planning which is very

Q. no.1: Define the term Strategic Plan.
Strategic Plane that two different words, strategic means long term policy and plane means day to day planning. To make day to day Plane to achieve strategy. This is a type of planning which is very important in coordinating a whole department to meet the single long term objective. Strategic planning is a future oriented activity which tends to determine the organizational strategy and used to set priorities.

Strategic for long term & Planning for short term.

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For example: company all department coordination to achieve one long term gaol.

Q.no.2: Provide a sample strategic plan (5-10 years) of any Organization preferably related
To technology.

(M company Mobile development)
Introduction by the President
Executive Summary
Strategic Planning:
Strategic planning there is a lot important to guide and understand of organization, for what to do in the future. It means only that we know what we have to do for the organization in the future, how to get the goals, so that we do not have any problem. Because for this reason we made plane for this organization. Because the plan exits hard in the coming time. In this plan are.

Strategic Goals and Objectives:
We have to use Consortium resources to achieve targetable goals and increase his benefits.

Before introducing any technology, test it very well so that it does not have any effect.

We will keep our plane hidden because our competitors cannot take the advantages of his plan.

We have to increase our Market share.

The right people the right time in the right things that develop our work force.

How can we assure the efficient and effective administration of the organization? If management vacancies occur, what policies and procedures should be implemented to ensure a smooth transition and minimize any loss of efficiency for the organization?
Characteristics of plannig:
Time frame
Principle of Planning:
1) Inclusiveness
2) Responsiveness
3) Creativity
4) Nimbleness
5) Realism
6) Critical analysis
7) Confidentiality
8) Humor
9) Accountability
Core Values:
1). Purpose & Growth -our foundation is built on our purpose and provides a place for our team’s passion
2). Client Focus -a razor-sharp focus on our customer’s growth is essential and the only way to succeed.

3). Integrity -to have honesty and respect for all individuals.

4). Leadership -To empower and inspire entrepreneurial Leaders.

5). Professionalism -to be professional in our actions to
Our clients, partners and each other.

6). Excellence -to continually pursue knowledge and

7). Community Service -to effectively help organizations to make an impact.

8). Fun -to have enjoyment and fulfillment in our work
Research and Innovation:
Provide the research community with technology solutions for world-class research in support of preeminence. First of all we will increasing understanding of a topic or field without an immediate commercial application in mind. Accomplish this through:
• Implementation of efficient grant management solutions
• Expansion of innovative infrastructure
• Research and education facilitator programs
• Focus on pioneering emerging technologies
For innovation Collaborations must include (but are not limited to):
Joint ventures
Licensing and second-sourcing agreements
Research associations
Government-sponsored joint research programs
Value-added networks for technical and scientific exchange
Informal networks
Financial Strategic Objectives
Financial Growth: To exceed $10 million in the next 5 years.

Financial Growth: To increase revenue by 10% annually.

Financial Efficiency: To decrease expenses by 10%.

Financial Efficiency: To increase net profit by 10% annually.

Management Team:
Organization Profile and History:
First of all,we wil increase our market share till it has more profits.

The next five years:
Operational Activities:
Revenue Streams:
Risk-based approach:
Key Priorities:
Sequencing Methodology:

Q.no.3: Suppose you own a business/company. Develop a 5 year Strategic Plan for your
Company. Clearly mention the mission, vision and objectives in your plan.

Business Development Strategic Plan
Small Business Strategic Plan
Before starting thr business, we design a plane because it is not so difficult to come laterand in the problem of business life.

Customer relationship:
First of all we will see where the customer will come from and how come. And how to grow that customer. How do we retain our customers so that they donot go any where.

Value Preposition
Customer segment
Distributive channel
Revenve stream
Key resources
Key Partnership
Key Activities


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