Puritans that leads puritans to demonstrate against the

Puritans were a group of religious believers that brought the protestant reformation in late 19th century. Protestants got their name after protesting the abuse of the Catholic Church against their believers. Protestant believe in the Bible, and that was the only source of religion for them. They emphasize, instead of the church leader only having power or the ultimate authority, the idea of a relationship between layman and God.

In the early Catholic Church, they were more involved in the country’s economy and political system. Some historians believe the Catholic Church was controlled by the king of England. Also, there were so many hierarchies in the Catholic churches. Some Catholic Churches believe that the churches only stand for upper-class people because at that time, most of the people were uneducated. In addition, Latin was one of those language spoken by the upper class and was how the Catholic Church read hymns. The class segregation opened the door for some believers to protest against the church.Puritan beliefs were established in England. The establishment of puritanism comes from the idea of purifying the Anglican Church that was changed by the Catholic Church.

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Catholicism has a big influence on the Anglicans church in the early 16th century, that leads puritans to demonstrate against the system. Puritans they ting exercise as it was scripture told to them to do and walk according to God. Puritans have a unique ideology that God promised them a special covenant and an agreement. This leads them to walk according to his scriptures. They always believe that they are pure and everyone else needs to be purified.

They see themselves as a good example of Godly people and encourage others to change their sinful ways.Protestants believe in a Bible that was the only source of religion for them. They emphasize that instead of the church leader to have a power or the ultimate authority, they started building the idea of relationship with man and God. They refused to accept the church leaders because they use their power for the wrong reasons. Puritans and Protestants have the same ideology.

They see themselves as sinful, so they work to be more purified and perfect. That was one of the reasons they segregated themselves and left to another world. They wanted to find a better place to exercise their beliefs. Puritans flooded to new colonies because of the discrimination faced by Anglican Church. They went to places, like Massachusetts and Rhode Island, to practice their religious beliefs.

Even then, many of the Puritans dealt dissent on what they believe. They began dividing into different groups just to practice their religious beliefs as they saw them.John Winthrop was one of the iconic leads in early Puritan leaders. Especially, in early American settlement, he played a great role in the leadership of the settlement. John Winthrop on his early childhood, he was not that religious person. He has no religious personality. As he becomes older, he suddenly becomes more involved in religious activities. At one point in his life, people start seeing him as a religious person.

John Winthrop always believes that God chose him, particularly his soul to be safe. That was one of the reasons that lead him to become more involved in the Puritan movement.John Winthrop mostly concerned about the community and how it was shaped. He was trying to fix the community structure most of the time because he knows that, the only way they can be strong and exercise their realign freedom without the execution of the Catholic church leader is to build a great community. He was also one of the forgotten fathers of in the early American settlement. Some people still believe that he was just a religious person and activist, but he was one of the great and powerful leaders in the early American Puritan settlement. John Winthrop always mansion that, they are the light of the word “city upon a Hill.” (3.

p.177) Winthrop’s trying to set a good example for that world by showing their finical welfare, sentiment, and harmony. That was one of his ideas to create a new colony.

John Winthrop was elected as government many times in early Puritan settlement. John Winthrop life were spokesmen for his people in the politics of the new colony. Sometimes he was involved in creating public policy while he providing rational sermon to Puritan colony.Jonathan Edwards was a sprite person he was considers as a great philosopher and theologist. In early American history his unique personality made him hard to under stand his self-steam but his food print defined him better.

Jonathan Edwards deeply involved preaching and identifying the purpose of God for the man kinds according to his early life, Jonathan Edwards believes that whoever want to believe on God he needs to be prefect because he is the God of perfection. He held everything in God. his morality significantly involved on God He was always angary for God. He always wants to talk about salvation and God. Johnathan Edwards wrote many essays at his early age but as get older, he was more involved on reading hymens, preaching in sermon.

One of his great sermons called “A great Awaking Sinners in the Hands of angary God””Your wicked Make you as it were heavy as lead and tend down ward with weight and pressure toward hell: If God should let you go, you would Immediately sink and swiftly descend and plunge in to the bottomless gulf…” (Monergism.com, 2018)Jonatan Edward tried to make them understand that if they don’t repent their sin they will never get salvation. In another words he is telling them they will get hell if they don’t repent their sin.

The way he was trying to make them understand were very powerful some people considered little too harsh. He motivation was trying to transform the church that lost in sin since early American settlements. The always exercise keep his words. He wrote “Never to lose one moment of time but to improve it in mist profitable way.” (p.

397) He was always motivated to describe about God and trinity to restore the church authority. Even those, the people turned against him because of his harsh word. Suddenly he starts losing his ground in the church and become of the hated person because of his involvement to change the church. The Time passed on, he played an important role in overall Christianity until know, his work impacted how Christianity structured currently.


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