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Public University Vs Private University
It is true that post-secondary school has become essential in securing a better job or attaining a higher pay, the amount of people going to university and college has increased over the years. Now, anyone has the opportunity to go to college or university. Most high school graduates go on to get a higher education, but there is a catch most students don’t know whether to attend a private or public school. They both have their own pros and cons. It all depends on personal needs and wants in education.
In the beginning form of the United States, there were only private schools. Education for younger people was taught in small private schools, “Education in colonial days was quite stratified. Boys learned core subjects such as reading and math. Girls learned the domestic arts.” (Kennedy, 2018, p.1) 1 education was strictly only for white privileged children in the beginning. In How Private Schools Evolved In The United States, Kennedy, (2018) states that the first private schools were created by the religious missionaries of the Roman Catholic Church. They were exclusive schools. It continued like this till the late 1840s, when leaders such as Horace Mann and Henry Barnard Hugely pursed “better education in the northeastern colonies” (Kennedy, 2018, p.1) 1 A well established public system then took place, to help the poor families get an education too. As the public school system started evolving and growing, private schools wanted to “fill a need not provided for in the public sector.” (Kennedy, 2018, p.1) 1 So they created the idea and of having a certain type of education being able to have options, this idea still exists today. Research has found that “80% of American children are educated in the public system. The other 20% in private school.” (Kennedy, 2018, p.1) 1
There are several similarities between private and public universities. One similarity is that they both require the student to graduate with a bachelors degree.


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