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Reading comprehension deficit: A case of Shona speaking Brocas aphasics.


-To describe the nature of brocas aphasia in relation to reading comprehension.

-To describe and examine how brocas aphasia affects reading comprehension that is to determine whether the deficit is syntactic nature and if the individuals preserve their phonological abilities intact.


The previous studies done on brocas aphasia have been conducted on production since brocas aphasia was originally qualified as a disorder limited to speech production. However, brocas aphasics also exhibit comprehension problems, especially with more complex syntactic structure. Hence, the researcher wants to contribute in the comprehension deficit of aphasia. Therefore, the study will focus on the reading comprehension deficit in brocas aphasia.


The researcher seeks to address the problems posed by the reading comprehension deficits of Shona speaking brocas aphasics since Shona has received very little attention in this area, with the ultimate goal of providing help to the models that has to do with indigenous languages. As well as how studies can be beneficial for understanding the human unimpaired linguistic capacity.


The research design to be undertaken in this study is that of a qualitative method. The researcher will make use of field research type through participant observation, structured interview in which a list of predetermined questions will be asked (they are easy to manage and participate in), sentence stimuli The researcher will make use of the qualitative research as it is considered to be particularly suitable for gaining an in-depth understanding from the informant.


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