Promoting for children and young people to

Promoting and valuing cultural diversity is very important when working with children. It is important for children and young people to understand that living in a diverse society with different varieties of cultures and religion will help them develop their understanding on cultures other than their own. If children and young people are educated about diverse cultures they will then be able to experience different cultures and what they have to offer. For example, different cultures have certain customs and traditions as well as arts and language. Culture is what gives identity to factions of people in our society and by promoting the cultural diversity within the school will help enhance the pupils learning.
Within the following are the ways are the ways how promoting and valuing cultural diversity can benefit children and young people:
• The opportunity to learn about cultures apart from their own.
• Children get a chance to learn and understand that their cultures are just as diverse as others and that additional children have similar to them.
• Being able to speak multiple languages which can help children and young people get jobs as being bilingual can give you a big boost professionally.


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